Ice cream, a rhino and an elephant drop

Today we had a nice walk around Lisbon after breakfast… (this is me badly doing a photobomb)…

We attempted to get to the Jardim de Botanical… only to find it was closed for refurbishment :-(… but we did meet this handsome Rhino… (it reminded me of my Dad as he liked Rhinos).

Then we went an around about way (to Santos and back) to get to the Jardim de Estrela… (we walked 8.5 miles in total / around 17000 steps).

It was so hot I needed an ice cream about half way, near the parliamentary building. The ice cream was from a Romanian Gelateria called Nanarella.

I asked them what went well with pistachio ice cream, and they aid raspberry, so that’s what I had. Three euros, and very tasty.

Then we walked up to Estrela and I dropped an elephant in memory of my Granny, on what would have been her 102nd birthday.

I put him up in this tree with a view over a duck pond with a statue in it.

It’s closed off a bit so people don’t go through it (and disturb the ducks) so it was ideal.

The little elephant travelled all the way from the UK with me, and now he’ll bask in the sun in the park for as long as he will be there for.

After I put him there, I took this photo with the sun streaming through the trees. Very pretty.

Ps: I got some good news today too – 1 step closer to something that might be great. So keep your fingers crossed for me please. 🙂 (All will become clear soon).

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