Winter Training for me

After my last holiday in July last year, I set to work on my Operation Happy, Healthy, Fit plan. Getting a balance in life, of aiming to do well in all areas of my life.

Right now I’m on holiday, but at the same time my work is in a bit of a flux. I should know soon what’s happening with it, but August into September was pretty busy and it impacted on my sleep and training. The rest off has been good.

Once I’m back from my holidays, I plan on using Winter to get back into the groove of getting a work / life / training balance.

… Foxy is calling me back to Garagym…

Here’s how I plan to do it:

Operation Happy, Healthy, Fit:

Happy – (will feed off healthy & fit).
– Socialising / Spending time with Fit Girl (eat out / movie night / date night) / Family / Friends / Visit others on weekends.
– Doing Fun Stuff – Kite Flying / Asda & Jasper / Going out for meals / Park Walks
– Get a balance between work / social / training.
– Helping others – in coaching & at work.

Healthy –
– Consistent Training / Activity – strength training / running training (will feed into fit). Include my walking / steps too.
– Sleep – get a good sleep routine / enough sleep – 8-9 hrs a night. (Important one!)
– Eat well – to fuel activity and be healthy.
– Work – get more efficient, succeed, and leave work on time.

Fit –
– Strong – Bodyweight HIIT, KB HIIT, Strength, Walking / Running.
– Run Training, 100 miles a month – 3-4 runs a week including long run. Get a good base level of fitness ahead of London 2018 marathon.
– Balance between both – use strength to get strong, running for endurance.
– Goal to get leaner, stronger, to help fitness and marathon running.

Here’s the plan:

Weekly plan:
Mon: Strength
Tue: Easy Run
Wed: Strength
Thu: Run
Fri: Strength / Interval Run/5k
Sat: Long Run (or swap with Sun or Thu)
Sun: Rest

Building back into my strength training in Foxy’s Garagym, I’ve got a load of pre planned workouts in my Seconds Timer:

– HIIT 25 mins
– KB Workouts
– Runners Strength
– Weighted Workouts (Upper / Lower)

I’ve not Strength trained in about 3 weeks so I’ll start from scratch again getting my body used to it.

Wc 25 Sept – Build into BW & HIIT & Running
Wc 2 Oct – BW & HIIT & Running
Wc 9 Oct – BW & HIIT & Running
Wc 16 Oct – HIIT & Weights & Running
Wc 23 Oct – HIIT & Weights & Running
Wc 30 Oct
Wc 6 Nov
Wc 13 Nov / – HIIT & Weights & Running
Wc 20 Nov /
Wc 27 Nov
Wc 4 Dec
Wc 11 Dec / – HIIT & Weights & Running
Wc 18 Dec /

Running will tick over, I’ll maybe introduce some speed / interval sessions once a week to mix it up. 20m sprints, hills, 5ks n the like (up to 30 min sessions).

100 miles a month – 3 months to go – should be ok I’d think. I’m taking some time out in September so I’m up for it in Oct / Nov / Dec, and it should be 100 miles on avg / 1200 miles in 2017.

Ps: I was at Benfica Stadium today…not sure I’ve got the legs to be a footballer… 😜

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