Loving the Birdies

I love smack bang in the middle of Glasgow… but there are plenty of trees and greenery around here, and plenty of little birdies (and seagulls!)…

…so sometimes when it’s warm enough, I like to sit outside, and read or hear the world go by.

This morning I sat and read my book, having a coffee, to the chorus of some lovely little birds tweeting away. (Then some big noisy seagulls…and a train’s horn – no idea where it was…over in the west somewhere).  I even heard a runner run by too. 

Hopefully you can click this and play it (for just the birdies, no trains or runners!):
Birdies 17-9-17.m4a

I grew up beside the sea, and I’d love to see / hear it again, but this is a close second.

Better go get some bird feed out for my little friends.

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