Aaaahhhhhh – ‘bad sleep values’

Modern Technology is great isn’t it?

The last few weeks I’ve been struggling with my sleep… averaging around 7-8 hours a night, I’m having a few belters where I wake up at between 2-4am, and I can’t get back to sleep (so I get up). Maybe a couple a week.

It’s recorded and synced through my garmin vivofit activity tracker… and that all syncs through to my Apple Health app and a TactioHealth app. Last night I got about 4-5 hours sleep and I got another warning from the app… 😳

(But to be honest I don’t need apps telling me I’m struggling to sleep / experiencing sleep deprivation – I’m living it – and I know the reason why. It is what it is).

Lack of sleep is bad for me, I know that, but it’s a very busy time with lots going on inside and outside of work. I don’t feel at my best, I’m forgetting to eat, and probably dropping a few other balls along the way too. It’s not ideal.

Anyway, one more week at work then I’m on leave for two weeks, so I’ll be able to sort it then. But until then, I’ll just try and take care and be sensible and get as much sleep and recovery as possible. (I’ll not go to the doctor quite yet!).

Roll on the 16th September!

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