Wk35 into Wk36

Last week was a busy week at work (+7 hours) and I had to complete my 100 mile challenge, so I focused on running, and didn’t do any strength work. I’ll pick it up again next week.

Here’s a quick post about what I did last week and what I hope to do next week:

Mon: 6M coaching
Tue: Rest
Wed: 6.2M
Thu: 5.5M
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest (lots of walking / 16k steps)
Sun: 18M

So here’s the plan for next week:

Mon: Rest (early to work)
Tue: Run Coaching PM
Wed: Strength (HIIT & Weights) AM, Run coaching PM
Thu: Run
Fri: HIIT blast 25 mins
Sat: Rest
Sun: Kilmalcolm HM

It’ll be a busy week at work though – I’m indicting the next lot of apprentices, so if some of the above doesn’t happen… so be it. 🙂 fingers crossed the plan will help.

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