Last Physio session today

Today I had my 5th and last physio session, because my back, shoulders and neck are feeling better and back to normal. Yay!

I saw Kirsty at KM Woods Physiotherapy (just a mile from home), and had 5 sessions including 2 treatments of acupuncture.

I also had a work station assessment at work, have a better / supportive chair at work and am sitting more relaxed with better posture after advice.

I was doing physio exercises daily for a few weeks but for the last 10 days or so it’s felt better.

The physio suggested when I do strength, I do the following in my warm ups and cool downs at the Garagym:

Warm up – Dynamic movements
Lying Hip bridges
Lying Cross stretch
Neck crunches
Side to sides
V to press up
Run on spot
Butt kicks
Jumping jacks

Cool down – stretches
Look up, down, left, right
Head tips / neck stretches
Hamstrings / Quads / Glutes
Back & neck stretch – clasped hands in front
Arms up shoulder stretch
Chest opener

Simple! 🙂

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