11.5 miles with mile intervals

Today was the day I’d run between 10-13 miles, up and out for before 930am, I was a mile into it and I decided I’d do effort sessions for a mile every 3 miles… if you fancy mixing up you long run and giving yourself a challenge, this is a good simple way to do it. 

I was ticking along nicely through Festival Park with my HR at about 150 when I decided I’d push the second mile, then I planed to do this:

Mile 1 – HR 150
Mile 2 – HR 160-170
Miles 3 & 4 – HR 140-160
Mile 5 – HR 160-170
Miles 6 & 7 – HR 150-160
Mile 8 – HR 160-180
Miles 9 & 10 – HR 150-160
Mile 11 – HR 160-180
Mile 12 (0.5) – HR 150

And it worked out like that…

The effort miles were:
8:12 / 160 avg / 169 max
7:53 / 164 avg / 169 max
7:47 / 168 avg / 174 max
7:47 / 165 avg / 169 max

The recovery miles were around 9:00-9:25 min miles or avg HR 155. 

I had my tunes on and saw plenty Runners and dogs out – at one point a part of Pollok Park was so busy I thought it was a bit like Sauchihall Street!

Although I was kind of not really looking forward to the long run, the structured intervals gave it a bit more purpose and whilst it was hard, I felt strong whilst running it.

The last two effort mile splits were sort of downhill and I automatically went into a mode of telling myself I was ‘super strong’ (instead of saying to myself it was horrible hard.)

At the start of the run, I’d kind of resigned myself to run 10 miles, but ended up adding a loop up Ayton Road and Albert Drive to make it up to 11.5 miles and 4 x 1 mile intervals in total.

My average heart rate ended up being 156, max 174 and garmin training effect was 4.9, so I was working hard. 4 south side parks – Festival, Bella, Pollok and a loop around Maxwell.

I have to admit, it took me about 6 or so miles to get into it properly. My glutes were sore from strength training yesterday, and they still are. Ouch.

I’ve now got 17.8 miles to do in 4 days to get my 100 mile target for August, so I should get that. I’ll probably run 3 out of 4 days to get it.

That 4 x 1:2 mile interval run is a good way to mix it up a bit on long runs, with a warm up mile and cool down half mile or mile. Or you can try it out on 1/2 miles and miles on short runs.

So 2 runs this week, 2 strength sessions and lots of walking. Next week will probably be 4-5 runs (incl 2 coaching sessions) and 2 strength sessions.

And an Apprentice graduation on Thursday night, before we ‘induct’ the new ones on Monday the 4th. I have lots to do at work before then, so I’m working the bank holiday. No rest for the wicked. 😜

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