Physio & Strength

When I popped a muscle in my neck / shoulder at the start of June (putting atop on) – I figured it was about time I got back to strength training, mixed with my running 100 miles a month.

I started in the middle of June and it was going well – strength once a week (due to soreness / DOMS) for 4 weeks, building the exercises as I was going. Mostly body weight work. Then I got to do 2 sessions a week and was feeling good and ready to build more weights into it.

I started physio around 2-3 weeks ago and have been doing exercises they’ve given me, twice a day. Then last week I couldn’t get strength in. Part of it was because I was running a lot and another part of me was thinking rest would be good.

The physio gave me more advanced exercises yesterday, so I incorporated them into my workout today. Twisting and strengthening – nice and steady progression.

A torso twist and a neck strengthener.

Here’s what I did this morning –

– Physio strength circuit & stretching
– HIIT 25 mins above

40 minutes of movement at the end of the week after 3 days running. I think I’ll rest Saturday, run Sunday, strength Sunday. 🙂

I’ll aim to include 1-2 strength sessions a week from now on. I’m back on it!

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