Wk31 into Wk32

A lot of running last week, finishing off 123 miles in July on Monday… with 4.4 miles coaching in the morning, then 12 miles in the evening (7.2 miles of running coaching).

Then the next night was 2.9 miles of running coaching, and I had a rest day on Wednesday.

I could have done strength training, but my neck / shoulders haven’t been right, so I made my (sensible) excuses not to do it.

Thursday was a good wee 50 minute run with my work Twinnie, then Friday rest day…

… before 19 miles running on Saturday, (and a tired a probably grumpy Lorn on Sunday lol). I’ve run 27.2 miles in August so far, and so far running hasn’t seemed to make my neck / shoulders sore (it’s seemed to ease it off)… but Saturday was the first day I felt the pain. A kind of nerve pain when I tip my head up, going into muscular pain. Ouch.

I’m getting weekly physio sessions for it, and on Tuesday this week I have a massage so we’ll see how that goes… I’ve also been doing daily exercises…twice a day and gear treatment.

…so anyway, last week was:

Mon: 4.4M+ 12M
Tue: 2.9M coaching
Wed: Rest
Thu: 5.3M easy
Fri: Rest
Sat: 19M long
Sun: Rest

I forgot how much running long takes it out of you. I’m still tired and a bit hungry after it.

I’ve not been sleeping too well either, so I need to get that better. Early night tonight I think.

This week will be:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5M easy + Massage
Wed: Rest or Strength
Thu: 6M easy + Physio
Fri: Rest or Strength
Sat: 9M build
Sun: Rest

Oh and we went to ‘Meadow Road’ on Dumbarton Road on Saturday after the long run… very tasty South Street eggs. (Poached eggs on toast with cream cheese, avocado, spinach and sweet chilli sauce).

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