Henry – rest in peace wee guy

It’s the reason we don’t have pets ourselves – the loss of a loved pet is heart wrenching.

Henry the cat was such a big part of our lives, such a friendly little neighbourhood cat, full of character and charm.

On Thursday 27 July, aged 13, he was out and about and got knocked down by a car not far from home. It’s so sad, and so unlike him. It’s hard to believe he’s gone. I’m heart broken, we all are. 

Even big rainbows can’t help me just now (I saw two today). 

Henry was so aware of his surroundings and not afraid of anything. He seemed to rule the small area that was Mavisbank Gardens, and in our little culdesac he brightened up everyone’s lives. He was such a special wee guy, I’ve never met a cat like him in my life.

Originally a stray cat, our neighbour his owner, took him in when he kept appearing in her house through the cat flap. He visited ours, keeping us company and I imagine he visited many others and kept them company too.

Henry was always out and about and inquisitive and fun. He lived up the street, five doors up, but he’d frequently come and visit us, and have tickletime and naps. Like many cats, it was always on his terms, when he wanted to visit. And it made his visits all the more special.

I’d often come in from a run, all worked out, hot and sweaty, and worn out. And there he’d be, there to say hello and be there with me when I cooled down. He made me smile so much as I had to go to him and pet him, he made us all smile.

Again, like any cats, give him a box and he was in it. A shoe box, a big box, a tiny box. He tucked himself in there and sat and got comfy.

He was there with me when I wrapped up all of my Rainbow Thanks, watching, being there with me. Helping me be creative and wrap up all the presents and write nice notes – and giving in to give him a tickle every now and again.

He would rarely sit on us, or come up for cuddles. He might have done that with his owner, but we were his aunties, there for him when he needed it.

He spent the last hour of his life being kept company by Sharon at her van, and being tickled and talked to, before getting his medication from his owner. We all cared for him so much.

Always around, out for his morning poo, or coming to say hello whenever he could. He’d sit in the sun with us in the garden, and in the shade with us when he got too hot.

He’d have the most amazing big long stretches and he’d let you rub any part of his body. Always open to a tickle. I have over 200 pictures of him, he just became such a big part of our lives of our family. Always welcome, always there to say hello.

He loved lying in the dirt. We have a spot in our garden soil where he’d lie and roll. And in the driveway, where he’d stretch and roll and cover himself in dust – and he’d ask to be tickled. 

He loved me to get stuck in and stroke him, tickle his chin and his neck and the areas he couldn’t reach.

He was an awesome hunter too. Although he didn’t bring us ‘presents’ his owner had to close up his cat flap and control when he came in and out as he went through a long phase of bringing dirty big rats into her house. His owner bought him a collar with a bell on it so the prey would hear him, but he still managed to get them.

He chased birds, terrorised the magpies and used to sit resident in our garden just after dusk, sitting watching under our shed where a small mouse lives.

He was there when we moved in, he was there in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. He’d greet our guests, and he was there for me through the challenging time of my Mum passing. He was there when we were doing the garden and the Garagym done up.

He’d lie and make himself look as cute as anything so you couldn’t help but go and pet and tickle him al over. He’d do this great big flop down, and the tickling would commence. He owned us – for real.

He sat with me as I tried to save the grass that I’d burned with weed killer the week before – supervising, making sure I had company whilst I worked away. And the grass has really regrown well now, especially the part he sat watching me from.

He had this mad funny sideways run, and even though he was between 9 and 13 when we knew him, he’d take playful maddies and just have fun – a lesson for us all. 

And he had this thing that when he saw you he’d run like crazy to meet you, then as soon as you made eye contact with him, he’d nonchalantly slow down to a controlled stroll, head high, and proud.

Henry was so wise and sensible and friendly with other cats. He was never afraid of dogs, and always stood up to them. A big Labrador, big Bull dog or a little mini Pomeranian. Henry looked at the cute little pom like he didn’t know what the … it was lol funny. Henry was the boss.

I’m so surprised that he was knocked down, he was so street wise and vigilant. The tom cat of Mavisbank Gardens. He quietly and confidently owned this place, and for so many years.

Towards the end, he was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, and on medication, but the vet who had him brought to him after her was knocked down was so impressed by his condition and how young he looked.

He kept us company and always brought a smile to our faces.

He was our everything, and even though he wasn’t ours, he’ll leave a big hole in our hearts. I can’t imagine my life and our life without him.

Rest in peace wee guy – we all loved you so much.

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2 Responses to Henry – rest in peace wee guy

  1. isabel says:

    Can’t read this lorn as I know how much he meant to you both and I will be in tears. He had a great life and so honoured to have met him ❤

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