Wk30 into Wk31

Last week I got 3 runs, 2 strength sessions and 3 rest days in, along with daily stretch sessions for my shoulders / neck. I was a little sore

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Rest (after 3 big run days).
Tue: AM HIIT 25 mins + KB strength 4×7 & PM 4M running coaching
Wed: HIIT 25 Mins & Runners strength
Thu: 5M coaching
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: 5.1M tempo run

My legs were a bit sore after Wednesdays strength session (‘Runners strength’ below), so I took Friday as a rest day and ended up taking Saturday too. A lot of running the weekend before, and quite a bit of running coming up on the Monday next week, so I figured I could ease off a bit.

The main thing on my mind this last weekend was the neighbourhood cat Henry being missing. 😦

We’ve put posters up and we’ve had a few leads from them, one in particular said they thought a cat was run over on Thursday evening after we last saw him. :-(. Not good.

We’ll put some calls into local vets, and into the SSPCA again to see if we can find anything out. He’s gone missing for a few days before, so I can’t help but be hopeful that he’ll come back, but that story is putting doubts in our minds. (And he’s not microchipped as he used to be a stray).

We are missing him a lot (as is his owner too!) it’s heart breaking! I just want him to stroll back in and see us.

Other than that, my neck and shoulder pain I’ve been getting seems to have eased off this weekend – It seems fine when I’m running or strength training and after both, but feels sore / aggravated after being at work / sitting for long periods at a desk / PC. (Looks like I’ll need to give up work??!)

I think it was also causing me to wake up in the early morning (rolling onto it), then I wasn’t able to get back to sleep, so on Tuesday my sleep had hit tick bottom. I managed to get it back on track and hopefully it stays good next week. 8+ hours a night is the aim.

I have physio on Tuesday this week coming and a work station assessment and massage the following week. And I’ve been doing daily stretches with for my neck and shoulders as prescribed by the physio. On Friday it was really sore, then this weekend it was fine.

Here’s the plan for next week:

Wc 31 July
Mon: AM 4.5M coaching then PM 7M coaching run + 4.9M (to and from).
Tue: HIIT 25 mins & Lower Strength / PM Coaching run
Wed: HIIT 25 mins & Upper Strength
Thu: Hill Run
Fri: HIIT & KB Strength
Sat: 12-15M run
Sun: Rest (or swap for Friday strength).

I’m doing a couple of coaching runs on Monday, and am running to my evening session, so I should get to 123-ish miles for July. I’ll bank any extra miles above 100 miles, so I’ll do less than 100 in September / holiday month.

Above is the morning run route – 4.5 miles… (or we might go to Maxwell Park) and evening, 7 miles (plus 5 miles there and back). That’ll be my proper long run day from last week.

Roll on next week – and it’s August already!

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