Seeing change in numbers

They say if you keep doing the same thing over and over, you’ll get the same results… well here’s what change looks like.

For me: Activity = Change

If you want to see change – make changes and do different, you should see change. 

October to December 2016 I eased off the running, to recover from 3 marathons in 18 months – and some very sore feet.

25 miles running in October,
around 55 in November and
around 58 in December…

… Piddly amounts considering I ran around 1250 in 2016 (around 150 in September, one of the marathon months), but I forced myself to recover and I’m glad I did. 🙂 

Put simply, I was doing different to what I had been doing up to then, and change came. 

As a result of less running, my weight went up around 5-7lbs and my body fat up by about 2% or so (on athlete mode on my withings scales).

Less activity = more weight / more body fat

January brought my rather addictive and motivating 100 mile challenge, to run 100 miles a month and it really got me back in the game and feeling good. (Thanks Lindsay!)

I felt like my body got a good recovery at the end of 2016, and the monthly goal in 2017 would be a way to get fit, maybe get my weight back down a bit, and get my mojo back. The goal was challenging enough, but still allowed for plenty rest days without specifically training for a big event like a marathon.

I’m not sure Fit Girl believed me when I said ‘no marathons for me in 2017, I’m giving my body a rest’… but I’m not doing a marathon in 2017 (next one is London 2018). 

I guess I’m not really giving it a rest this year running wise, but not doing the big training months like you need for marathon training is rest from the pressure of having to train for big events. 

Then by June, we’d bought, painted, kitted out and set up the Garagym – I was on top of my 100 miles a month running and now the challenge was to include running and strength training – 3 times each a week roughly.

I started getting back to strength in the last week of June 17 – conscious that I wanted to get stronger (so I didn’t make a habit of pulling a neck muscle putting a top on!) for overall health and well being, but also because I like strength training. Not to mention having such a great space to use now.

So since 26 June I’ve been slowly building into it, doing HIIT bodyweight workouts once or twice a week… and am ready to start weighted workouts.

I was really sore the first few weeks, for 3-4 days after it, but I’ve got over it and my body is getting used to it, and I’m aiming for 3 x 45-50 min strength sessions a week.

Now here’s the result in numbers:

After break 100M run +Strength
               8 Jan 8 Jun 18 Jul
Weight 137.8lbs 131.6lbs 136.3lbs
Body fat % 15.8% 14.7% 13.9%
Body fat lbs 21.8lbs 19.3lbs 18.9lbs
Lbm %. 84.2% 85.3% 86.1%
Lbm lbs 115.9lbs 112.3lbs 117.3lbs
                          -2.5lbs fat -0.4lbs fat
                        -3.6lbs lbm +5.0lbs lbm

Not much change in weight, but look at the progression based on activity:

Jan – Jun = running 100 miles a month
-6.2lbs / -2.5lbs fat/-3.6lbs lbm

Then add in 1-2 strength sessions a week for 4 weeks: 26 June – 18 Jul
-another 0.4lbs fat / +5.0lb lbm!

-1.5lbs loss in weight overall
-2% body fat / -2.9lbs body fat
+2% lean body mass / +1.4lbs lbm

Body measurements are similar to January, except my waist is down 6cm to 45% waist to height ratio, and my calf and arms are down 1cm (my hips, thigh & chest are still the same!). Hopefully to do with the strength training.

It looks like strength training is good for you after all! Focus is on including strength training with running, to make change.

And if that’s not an advert for checking BODY COMPOSTION as well as WEIGHT, I don’t know what is. (Not much weight loss, but my body has changed, quite a bit in 6 months, and then +5lbs lean body mass in the last 4 weeks). 🙂

Activity = Change

Better get my sleep / not waking up in the middle of the night sorted now!

Now – What are you going to change?

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