Wk29 into Wk30 & 31

I had a good week of training last week, despite having some neck pain, it seems to feel ok when I run, and I’m being careful with my strength training. I’m getting physio and have some exercises that I’m doing daily (4 mins worth). Fingers crossed it’ll get better.

Last week I had 2 rest days, 4 runs (incl 2 coaching sessions) and 1 strength session. The strength session felt good and I think I’m ready to build some more weights into it (after 4 weeks of 1-2 bodyweight strength workouts). I’m not as sore after strength training so my body is getting used to it.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 9.1M easy in parks
Wed: Rest (+6M walk)
Thu: HIIT#6 25 mins + Runner Circuit 25 mins (+neck physio)
Fri: 4.2M coaching run
Sat: 16M long run
Sun: 8.5M coaching run

Then for the next two weeks, some coaching, a couple of long runs and 3-4 strength sessions a week if I’m feeling good for them:

Wc 24 July
Mon: HIIT #7 25 mins & KB Strength
Tue: 6M coaching run
Wed: HIIT 25 mins & Runner Circuit 25 mins
Thu: 6M coaching run
Fri: HIIT #8 25 mins & Gymball Strength
Sat: 15M run (5×3 mile build)
Sun: Rest

Wc 31 July
Mon: ?M coaching run
Tue: HIIT 25 mins & Lower Strength / PM Coaching run
Wed: HIIT 25 mins & KB Strength
Thu: Run
Fri: HIIT & Finisher
Sat: 7M run
Sun: HIIT 25 mins & Upper Strength
(Upper strength below).

I’ve got the following strength workouts in my ‘Seconds’ app, to be done in the Garagym – 25 mins HIIT then a strength workout from below:

– HIIT 25 mins (8 workouts of 5 exercises – Tabata style 8×20:10).
– Finishers (2-3 exercises, 6-8 mins)

– Super 4s (4 exercises, 3-4×10 rep circuits)
– Kettlebell circuits (7-8 exercises, 30 secs-1min, 3-4 circuits)
– Gymball circuits (5 exercises, 30:10, 4 rounds)
– Runner strength (10 exercises including weights, 30:10, 3 circuits). (Below)

– Lower weights – 8 exercises, 30:10, 3-4 circuits
– Upper weights – 8 exercises, 30:10, 3-4 circuits

Re running – I’ve entered the Kilmalcolm half marathon on the 10th September, and have the Great Scottish Run half marathon on the 1st October.

Here’s my long run plans:
Wc24 July – 15 miles (5×3 build)
Wc31 July – 7M
Wc7 Aug – 9M
Wc14 Aug – 11M
Wc21 Aug – 15M
Wc28 Aug – 10M
Wc4 Sep – 13.1M Kilmalcolm HM
Wc11 Sep – 10M
Wc18 Sep – 5-7M
Wc25 Sep – 13.1M Great Scottish Run

And I’ve decided I’m going to aim to run 120 to 125 miles in July, and 100 in August, then 75-80 in September (as I’m on holiday for some of it. The annual graph won’t be a straight line, but hey ho, I’m ok with that.

So my 100 miles a month with be an average, with 10 months being 100 miles, 1 month being higher than 100 and 1 month being lower than 100. They’re my rules and I’m changing them. ;-P I should still do 1200 mikes in 12 months, so I’ll bank them in July for a lighter holiday month in September.

And to finish off, my sleep hasn’t been ideal. I get to sleep ok, but I keep waking up. I’m working on it, and audiobooks usually help me get back to sleep, but I’m looking forward to sleeping the whole night through (hopefully tonight).

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