16M all over Glasgow with Twinnie

Conditions turned out to be ideal this morning for 16 miles running all over Glasgow with my work Twinnie. A little brighter when we started then clouds and very light rain most of the way, 16’C.

Twinnie made the route, and it was good – Up to Bella Park, and into Pollok Park, then over and into Queens Park before going down to Glasgow Green (but not in it)… then up to Argyll Street and Kelvinway, before running down Byres Road, to the new transport museum and back along the Clyde.

I think it’s safe to say we both found it a bit of a challenge, but we were pleased when we’d managed it.

Twinnie is training for Loch Ness Marathon and I’m happy to keep her company on her long runs and get some training in for the great Scottish run, and miles in for my 100 mile monthly challenge.

Just over 2.5 hours running, 3 wiggle gels and plenty of water. My avg HR was 141, max 157, and I had a good stretch and some water and chocolate milk after it.

We ran nice and steady, chatting at parts, quiet at other parts. I always find that when you can run with others and comfortable have quiet parts, it makes you good running partners. Knowing when it’s tough and quiet, and knowing that both of you are going through it together. Maybe she’ll get fed up of my chat soon and throw me in the clyde?

Anyway, here’s us at the end. Ha – at least we didn’t get soaked through. 16 miles in the bag, and I’m at 84 for the month (way ahead of target).

I’ll need a good feed today and maybe a nap if I’m tired later.

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