Shoulder & Neck Physio

At the start of June, I was very busy with work, and maybe that mixed with a few other things seemed to allow me to pong a muscle in my shoulder when I was … simply putting on a top getting dressed.

My arms and the top went down and all of a sudden I heard a horrible crunching sound and felt an immense pain. I’d probably pulled a muscle. That day, the pain increased through my shoulder and upper back, and eventually to my jaw on the other side – tension and tightness. Yuk.

It could have been a total one off, but realised lack of strength training was probably not helping me be my strongest, so after any pain wore off, I started doing HIIT bodyweight workouts once or twice a week at the end of June. It seems to be working and I do feel stronger.

A few weeks later I had a good sports massage and it was still sore, this time in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Running seems to not aggravate it, or it actually seems to ease it (relaxation?) … and the strength training I’ve been doing seems ok too.

Anyway, on Monday 17th July around 6 weeks after it happened, and two good massages later, I was at work and it was sore again.

It had been fine over the weekend, but back to work, sitting at a desk, it was sore again. I’m sitting at a more straight jacked chair which is helping, but I decided enough was enough and I’d get done physio. And I’ll probably get a work station assessment soon too.

So I went to a physio a mile away from my work… K M Woods. She noticed I do round my shoulders a bit when I sit or get tired, and that might be aggravating it. (I got a nice wee walk there and back too).

The physio suggested 4 main exercises to do, which ill do daily, plus to be conscious whilst sitting, to sit up straight hold my shoulders back (especially at work).

I’ve put the stretches into my Seconds app, so this wee routine takes just 3:30 minutes to do. (With the top 4 repeated at the end, followed by s chest Stretch).

I’ll get weekly half hour physio sessions which might include some body work and maybe some acupuncture.

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