16 & 9 mile routes…

Here’s the 15-16 mile route we’re doing tomorrow, with a bit of a tweak as we’re starting from a slightly different place.

The weather looks ok, 14-15’C and cloudy / sunny, I’ll get everything ready tonight ahead of it – water pack, shorts, vest, Garmin etc.

I’m running with Twinnie for her marathon training and I’m really looking forward to it.

And here’s the 9 mile route for coaching on Sunday.

And I’ve realised I’m going to run more than 100 miles in July – oops. And I thought I was good at maths!

Lots of running has simply led to too many miles, but I might try to go for 120 – 125 miles and bank then so I can do less in September (when I’m on holiday off work).

💯 mile 🎯
Sat 22 – 16M long = 84…
Sun 23 – 9M coaching = 93…
Tue 25 – 6M coaching = 99…
Thu 27 – 6M coaching = 105…
Sat 29 – 15M long = 120M…
Mon 31 – 5M maybe = 125M

(With plenty rest and strength sessions between my run days).

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