July 100 mile target is ON!

After being behind with my 100 mile target for almost the whole of June… (and nearly giving up the challenge after 6 months of 100 miles of running each month)… I’ve now found that I’m away ahead for my 100 mile target for July.

By Sunday this week we’ll be 23 days through July, or around 74% of the way through the month. And if my maths is correct… I’ll have run 80.8 miles.

I’ve been doing more coaching which is upping my mileage, and I just can’t resist the invites to run long with my work Twinnie (9.1 miles this morning for example).

I had thought about trying to ‘bank some extra miles’, say do 120 or 125 miles in July and do less in September… but that might not be the best idea (and the straight annual graph would be broken too).

(September I’m on holiday so that might be a challenging month to get 100 miles. Plus I’ll be on a sort of taper ahead of the GSR half marathon on 2 October). I’ll just need to be careful to plan my runs really well to get the 100 done in September.

So here my plan for the rest of July –
💯 mile 🎯

July 100 mile target

63.8 miles up to 18 July

19 – HIIT / Strength + 5M Walk

20 – Rest + 3M walk

21 – 4 = 67.8 (coaching)

22 – 14 = 71.8

23 – 9 = 80.8 (coaching)

24 – Rest

25 – 6 = 86.8 (coaching)

26 – HIIT / Strength

27 – 6 = 92.8

28 – HIIT / Strength

29 – 7.2 = 100

30 – Rest

31 – HIIT / Strength

What being ahead with my mileage does do is make me make time for other things like rest and HIIT. 🙂 I wonder if I’ll be able to run 100 miles a month until December?!

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