It’s getting easier…

Today I did my 4th HIIT workout in 3 weeks. Getting back into it was tough, but today the workout felt a bit easier than it had (and it was a harder workout.)

I did the 25 minute HIIT workout below, and finished with a circuit of 10:1 press ups / squats with 10 x 6 hurdle jumps in between. Which took just about 6 minutes. Avg HR 133, max 155.

I’m managing to fit in about 1 strength workout a week, and hopefully my body will be a bit more used to it so it won’t be sore for 4 days after it like I was the first time I did it 3 weeks ago.

I’m hoping to increase it to 2 workouts next week, but I thought I’d write down how I motivate myself to get up early to workout or run.

I’ll rest tomorrow, and run on Sunday, then set my plan for next week depending on how I am after this strength session. Hopefully I’ll not be as sore as I have been!

Here are all the little things that help me be motivated to get up and train early:

Reason – having a reason to train is important to me. I have this cool Garagym I’ve made up which is one reason, but I also want to challenge myself and get strong. I have all of the equipment and I want to get back into strength training with weights, so this is just the start of it. I can set aside time to do 2-4 strength workouts a week, I just need to choose to (and build myself up to it).

Sleep is a very important one, if I want to get up at 6am, and I need 8-9 hours sleep, I really need to be getting into bed before 10pm, ideally 9pm (like an 9 year old lol).

And, in order to make 9pm feel like bed time, it’s important that, where I can, I leave work on time, and have had dinner and wound down by 7 or 8pm. Phone goes away on charge, TV programmes I want to watch which are on after 9pm are recorded. Work life balance.

I got into a habit of staying late at work in April to June, and it definitely had a knock on effect. It might sound silly, but I’ve set an alarm on my watch which goes off at 1630 each day to remind me that it’s time to go home in half an hour. And it works.

Last night was a good example of me getting a work life balance. Up early to run 8 miles, into work for 9am, then I finished work on time, had dinner and then by 8pm I was tired. (The run in the morning helped me be tired / get a good sleep which was good).

My alarm is set for 545am as it takes me a bit to wake up, and I plan to get out of my bed for 6am. All of my workout or running clothes are set out in the spare room and it’s the first thing I do when I get up – get dressed ready to go. Bathroom, brush teeth etc.

I then go downstairs and sit for a bit, to wake up properly, until about 630am. Think and do a quick catch up with the news. (I avoid Facebook until later to prevent the endless scrolling / time wasting). Water and half a banana before strength if I’m hungry.

I also do a weekly plan to make sure I can plan to fit in my workouts with my running. I prefer to workout in the morning, but can do the evening too (or sometimes coach in the evenings).

I know I need to be finished my run or workout by 8am to get ready for work, and I also know I can easy fit in a 25 minute HIIT workout plus a finisher just about anytime, it’s only like 35 minutes!

Here’s a summary of how I motivate myself to get up early to train:

– Sleep, Work Life Balance, Preparation
– Garagym, full of equipment I can play with.
– Get an early night (aim to be in bed by 9pm for 8-9 hrs sleep).
– Lay out clothes / gear for workout.
– Make sure gadgets are charged and ready to go.
– Set alarm for 30 mins before workout time.
– Set a time to be in the gym / out the door (630am on a weekday usually).
– Get water / supplements ready to take, first thing.

– Have workouts prepared and ready (in my Seconds App) for the next morning.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get up to train this morning, but it felt a lot easier than it has. 3 weeks of changing what I do and it’s maybe now time to up it a gear to focus on strength and keep running ticking along.

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