Wk27 into Wk28

This was week 2 of my incorporating strength training into my training routine. Last week, after doing a 25 min HIIT session and around 8 mins of easy weights, I was sore until about Thursday.

This week, I did a similar thing, and did HIIT and a few weights on the Sunday morning, then HIIT and a few weights on the Monday evening. On the Monday night, Lesley joined me, and I hopefully put her through the paces.

I was sore this week until about Wednesday, or maybe Thursday, ok by Friday. Who’d have thought just 35 mins of strength would do that, but it is different, and my body isn’t liking it much. For any future strength sessions I’m going to keep it to just body weight exercises / HIIT until I get used to it, and review it each week.

I had in the plan a long run (13 miles ish) for Saturday 1st July), but with me running around 19 miles in the last 3 days in June, I listened to my body and decided rest was more important. So I had a restful Saturday, and did a wee strength session on Sunday before visiting my good friends who have just had a baby instead.

Then last week, I got back into my training, but took 3 rest days to help my legs recover after the Sunday Monday strength sessions.

A bit of gardening on Saturday meant I still got all of my goals (steps on Garmin / calories, stand and minutes on Apple) and it was a good set up for my long run on Sunday. I seem to have a bit of a sore back / neck again (stress perhaps?) but I’m getting a massage on Tuesday which should help.

Other run days were Tuesday and Thursday, where I did a run with my work Twinnie on Tuesday AM, then coaching Jo in the evening (speed session for her), and a 5k coaching on Thursday and 4.5 mile run because I had time after it, before work, on Thursday.

Mon PM: HIIT & Super 4s Strength
Tue AM: 8M easy PM: Coaching (3.5M
Wed: Rest
Thu AM: Coaching 3.1M + 4.5M run
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: 15M

Plenty rest, plenty running and one strength session. 34.1 miles in July so far. It’s the 10th tomorrow and I’ll take a rest day after my long run today / Sunday.

I had planned 14 miles, but ended up doing 15. The weather was ideal, it was forecast to rain, but didn’t. I’d arranged to run with Greg a while back, the week before he dies the 40 mile Clyde Stride. He ran 10 miles yesterday so today was hopefully going to be an easy back to back one for him.

We ran from mine and right away I could tel I was working harder than I usually would, but stuck with it. He was running at my pace, and I was running at his pace, and about 3 miles in I noticed my HR was up at about 158, and said maybe we were going a bit fasts but really, it was fine.

My average heart rate ended up being 156 (I like to keep it around 150 or under to be easy, and under 160 so I’m not working too hard, but let it creep up on hills etc).

The miles were ticking by and because we were chatting I hardly noticed it. We ran some of the Great Scottish Run half marathon route, and added a bit in Maxwell park and Pollok park to be in more parks than on roads where possible. We seemed to be running nice and steadily and the chat was good.

We left each other at Finnieston just over 14 miles in, and I ran back down towards the Clyde home. I could have run all the way home, but stopped running the other side of the Squinty Bridge, 15 miles in and about half a mile from home.

The rain stayed off until we finished too, which was good.

I remember one of our parting conversations was that although training for an ultra might feel normal for greg now, it is something really special that he’s so fit and trained enough to be able and ready to run 40 miles next weekend. (And I kinda feel that way about 15 miles for me today!!)

I walked home and stretched a bit, and immediately felt good. Tired but long run good. My left hip / hip flexor had been sore, and my feet were feeling it, but all in all I felt good. And like I needed a big long nap. Lol.

My average HR was 156 and max 166, so I worked not too hard, but hard enough.

I drank a recovery milkshake, and some water and did a wee stretch session in the Garagym before going for a shower and realising I had some chafing I didn’t realise I had on my back and elsewhere !

On the way home I stopped and spoke to a neighbour I hadn’t met before from the next lot of houses over. She seemed very impressed by me running 15 miles (even though I felt gunned then!) and thought I’d been away somewhere as I ‘had a good tan’ – garden and running is what got me that. (Plus my body maybe putting all my blood to the surface of my skin after putting it through that!)

Endorphins at the end getting me speaking to strangers!! 😉

Today will probably be a bit of a wipe out now I’d think – eat, rest, eat, sleep, recover.

Then next week I have a well needed massage on Tuesday and Edinburgh on Wednesday with work, and I know I need a rest day on Monday. So the start of the week will be pretty easy. I’ll do a run in the morning on the Tuesday if I’m up for it.

I might miss my Tuesday run (or another days run) if I’m still tired / sore after my long run / massage.

Mon: Rest
Tue: 4-6M easy / massage
Wed: Rest / Edinburgh / walking
Thu: HIIT + 3-4M run
Fri: 5M
Sat: 9M (3×3 build)
Sun: Rest / see friends

I’ll do a few runs including a long one, 9 miles, building effort / pace every 3 miles. 150 / 160 / 165+ HR as I go.

All good – now I’m away for lunch (and hopefully a NAP / some telly!)

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