Strength Training Started

Strength training is sore – and I know it, so even though my Garagym has been ready for a while, I’ve been putting off starting my strength training for about a month. Other things (excuses) got in the way. But today I started it.

I’ve done a training plan which holes for me to start off with 2 strength sessions this week (Sunday & Wednesday) then the aim of doing 4 a week, but it might revert to 2 a week. I’ve added in my running training too, training for the Glasgow Half Marathon including some long runs up to 18 miles.

I’ll have 4 types of strength workouts – body weight and lighter weights to start (so I don’t break myself)

HIIT 25s workouts – on my Seconds App.
5 exercises, 30 secs work, 10 seconds recovery x8. (I.e. Squats x8 x 30:10) then the next exercise.
25 minutes of app led HIIT tabatas.
I just do what I’m told and it’s not pretty. (Pre programmed in by me).

Then there’s Super 4s – 4 exercises, done in a circuit one after the other, 10 reps, for 4 sets.

I’ll use my kettlebell for Super KB 80/20s and a 30 min KB workout as below. 

80 is 80 reps, then move onto 20 reps, then 80 etc. It’s nasty but good. 

And once I’m ok with them I’ll move onto super strength training – building the base for 4 weeks, then move on to the hypertrophy and strength workouts when I’m ready (hopefully every 4 weeks).

Right now the plan is to do a HIIT 25 min workout each strength session and add either a Super 4s strength (about 10 mins) or a KB workout on after it, just to get me back into it.

Strength will be done first thing in the day on a Sunday and Wednesday, and maybe a Monday and Friday if that works in too. Although I have a feeling I’ll need to balance it with running so I’ll take it as it comes.

If I prioritise an early morning run over strength, I’ll try to do the strength session after work st around 6pm if I’m not coaching. It’s only 25-50 mins after all. 

Today I did:

HIIT 25s #1 – 8×30:10

– Squat

– Press Ups / Jumping Jacks (3/1)

– Floor to Ceiling Jumps

– Burpees

– Plank / Squat Kicks

Super 4s – 4x10x4 (8:56)

– KB Swing 12kg

– Bent over Row 22kg

– Goblet Squat 12kg

– Sledgehammer 8kg

Just under 40 mins, avg HR 129, max 144, although I did take it pretty easy to ease myself into it. Let’s hope I’m not too sore in the next few days.

I still have 26 miles running to do in 5 days to get me to 100 miles for June. 🙂

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