What would Super Lorn do?

I came up with the whole Super Human / Super Lorn idea about 5 years ago when I was at a bit of a cross roads and felt like I needed to point my life in a direction to fulfil me.

I learned what to do to change my life, and in doing so since then I’ve also learned how to help others change direction in their life too.

I was lucky to be able to change my career so that I worked more with people, helped people at the BBC and with my running coaching. I became a Running Coach, and created and set up the Super Human Club where you could test how Super Human you are, and figure out what you need to focus on to become Super Human too.

Or put more simply, through a card I recently received from someone I helped with coaching a few years ago:

‘I’m so glad I contacted you all those years ago – you helped change my life around. Confidence comes from within but sometimes it needs a shove to get out the door – thanks for the shove.’

Sometimes we need a shove in the right direction – my Super Human Test can help you to figure out what it is that needs your attention, so that you can make steps towards a happier life.

https://superhumanclub.co.uk/super-human-test/ (you need a PC or Mac to do the test).

Now… my work phone has me as ‘Super Lorn’ when I phone people, and somehow the name has stuck. So much so I got a birthday card full of the salutation lol. They all know me as Super Lorn, but do I?

The thing is… I don’t feel very Super Lorn these days. 😦 I feel a bit like the spark has gone, like if I was to be truly Super, I need to work on it. I need to be nicer to myself and get more smiles on my face, get the old enthusiastic and happy Lorn back.

The truth is, we all go through stages of feeling great with everything being on track, to feeling not so great and maybe not knowing why. One thing might fall out of sorts, and that might knock other things off track.

I was out running the other day, asking myself questions and answering them – and I was thinking – what would Super Lorn do?

The important thing is to recognise that something’s not right, and put effort in to fix or improve it.

But what is it to be Super Human?

Well, I made it up, but it’s all about being Happy, Healthy and Fit. Having everything in your life either good or acceptable to you. It’s about doing your best and being your best. It’s about being happy with your body and having a healthy body and mind.

It’s about getting a balance and being there for and with others. It’s about being in a career that you enjoy, about self development and having enough money to be comfortable and save.

It’s about believing in yourself and being confident to be you and be Super Human. It’s about learning and developing, and it’s about knowing who you are, what motivated you and about being who you want to be.

So if things are a bit out of sorts for me, what am I going to do to improve it?

I’ll set more specific goals around the three areas below:

Health – become stronger through strength training / running 100 miles a month, improve my sleep. Eat a simple, healthy diet, less sugar, more nutrition.

Social – spend more time with those I care about, including Fit Girl.

Work – do a good job but don’t let it over take my personal life. Get a good direction in my role, leave on time etc.

I need to bring back having fun with others, and get a focus on my strength training as well as my running. Invest time in strength training, but also spending time with others.

Go out for lunch with others, visit others and go running with others (as well as my coaching others).

I’ll start with a 2 week bodyweight training plan, hopefully getting me into strength training 4 times a week, then a 12 week training plan and get back into my strength training using my Garagym.

I’ll train towards the Glasgow half marathon with my running too. With a wee holiday away at the end of September to look forward to.

Super Lorn would set up weekly programmes, and stick to them. Days and times for training around coaching others. Super Lorn would get out of bed and go for that run.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just setting goals, getting into a habit and keeping going with that habit (and doing it!) That’s what Super Lorn will do.

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