Birthday Treats

It seems I can’t go a birthday without getting some mars bars (yas!) and some elephants, rainbows and ice creams.

I’ve decided today will be a rest day, and I’m going out for the day with Fit Girl. I got 6 mars bars, two cards and some flowers from teams at work. My boss also gave me a gift card for a Steak restaurant. Yummy. 

As well as a nice rainbow top, some sun cream and some ice cream chocolates from my work Twinnie. Thanks!

From Fit Girl, some books, some gym gear, my new rainbow ring, a car ‘twister’ air freshener, some cash and some dairy milk chocolates too.

Lots of lovely cards – thank you… including a lovely cat one and a nice elephant watercolour one too. We’re gong on a wee adventure today before a nice meal out to celebrate.

I’m looking forward to being off work and having some us / me time. Cake and ice cream to be consumed I believe.

Here’s my rainbow ring. Lucky me. 

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