100 miles might not be on…

If you know me or follow me on here, you’ll know that this year I’ve been setting a simple goal to run 100 miles a month. Up to May I was doing well with it. It was a challenge some months but I managed to stay on top of it, and I was really enjoying it.

I’d love to be able to do it for a full 12 months and get a straight graph for a full year on Garmin. 25 miles a week approximately.

I got 5 months in a row, each moth getting a great sense of achievement in getting another straight line on the annual graph above. 😀

January was good, but I crammed in too much before the end and got a cold at the start of February. Meaning I really had to focus on running to get February.

Then March, April and May seemed ok (even with a long weekend break in the middle). It felt like I was on a roll with it.

Then June hit, and work got really busy. I ran the 10k and the week before I’d finalised the recruitment process for the BBC Scotland Apprentices for the next two weeks.

Work well and truly took over. The building was busy with the Election and I was busy hosting 60 candidates in for group assessments between the 5-9 June. Then 32 people for interviews this week.

In early, staying late, home late, in bed late, not sleeping properly… I ended up just running just two days last week (Tue AM 5.3 miles wi my Work Twinnie, Tue PM 3.5M coaching, Thu AM 4.5M).

I stayed up a bit late watching the election being filmed in our cool pink spaceship of a building too. I left work at 8pm that night as Brian Taylor was going to work. Then as I came in the next day, he was leaving.

Anyway, my busy-ness at work should ease off from today. Today we selected our 12 Apprentices and I called them to let them know they were successful.

After all the work over the last 6-8 weeks, it’s sorted for this week before we confirm it all in the next few weeks for their start in September. (It’s very exciting!)

But back to my running – By the 15th June, I was 36.6 miles in and 50% of the way through the month. I had planned to run last weekend, but decided I’d prefer to do some gardening instead. :-O ahem…

Then this week, even after running 3 times in 3 days this week (about 13 miles), my 100 mile target was all starting to slip away from me. And on Friday morning I just couldn’t motivate myself to get up and out to run before work.

It’s all been too much and I’ve lost my spark for running a little. I need to get it back if I can, if I want to get my goal.

Running makes me feel good, it sets me up for the day, it helps me sleep. Running with others is great, as is running on my own. But some mornings I just couldn’t be bothered. I knew it’d make me feel good, and on Thursday I did it, but other days I just decided it wasn’t to be.

I need to just get on and do it. Set a time in the morning that I’ll run – weekdays 630am, weekends 830am (at the latest), and go run. It is not rocket science. 😉

So next week I’m on leave from Wednesday, hopefully until Monday, and I’m planning on having some nice, fun, downtime with Fit Girl. I’m running Saturday Sunday (17-18th).

I’m running with my brother on Saturday (24th), yippee and I’m meeting a very special wee girl (3 month old baby!) on Sunday (25th) for the first time. (And I have lots of presents for her).

The busy time in work is over. Now I’m planning how I might be able to get to 100 miles.

It’s still achievable, I just need a plan, set myself dats and times to do it, and just DO IT :


Up to 15th = 35.6 miles

17-18: 10,4.4 = 14.4 = 50

19-25: 4,5,6,5,10 = 30 = 80

26-30: 6,8,6 = 20 = 100

(and hopefully my maths is right!).

So that’s the plan. Do you think I’ll do it?!

Ps: I was hoping to get back into strength training in June, but that’s far from happening (I know it makes me sure so I just can’t make myself do it! Even though I’ve done up the Garagym!) Maybe another month, eh?

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