My 2016 10k vs my 2017 10k

What a difference a year makes – last years Women’s 10k – I did it in just over 52 mins, avg HR 167, max 177 ❤️ , similar conditions ☀️ (a slight bit hotter last year 16’C last yr, 14’C this year), avg pace 8:22, and it was really hard.

Last year, I didn’t know the route and I was running to pace, trying hard to keep to 8 minute miles (as I was pacing 50 mins).

But pacing in the second group, it was hard weaving in and out of slower runners from the group in front of us and the heat took its toll. I also seemed to lose anyone I was pacing for. The starting waves last year (by music) didn’t help. And after 4 miles, at the BBC it felt like game over for pacing.

I was running with no one to be paced at 8 minute miles so I slowed to run at around 9 minute miles to help the ladies who’s tatted in the group ahead and we’re aiming for sub 60 10ks.

This year it was all about me running my own race. I ran to my heart rate and it was around 165-170 most of the way. Hard work still, but I let go down the down hills and eased off on the uphills.

As a result my pacing was better and my heart rate steadily and slowly increased as I went on. Avg HR 169, max 183 this year. The first mile was fastest, as I was running near the start and there were quite a few downhills.

Downhill to midway in fact, to the Clyde, then uphill back to Kelvingrove. The 5th Mile was my slowest (uphill) and my HR was away up at 174-180 ish…. ahhh (simply reflecting the hill and my effort on the hill / 5 miles in). I said hello to a Motherwell AC runner and we bounced off each other / helped each other for a bit.

I finished in 46:43 on my Garmin, a PB for this year and my 5th fastest 10k ever. (My overall PB is 44 mins something from 2011 when I was younger and slimmer ;-). Today was my fastest 10k in over 4 years. 

My VO2 max estimate was the same this year to last – 50. But I felt fit, possibly due to my 100 miles a month I’ve been doing.

Some tips from me:
– Consistency and regular running is key.
– Knowing the route helps.
– Running in the shade helps.
– Taking the racing line helps.
– Heart rate running is ace and it works!

This year I was 3lbs lighter too…and that always helps. The less you have to carry, the easier it is, the faster you go. (Although maybe 3lbs isn’t all that much!)

I probably had my CAPE on tight today too. 😉  get yours here:

This year I was around 5-6 minutes faster than last year, or 50 seconds a mile faster. Although I did feel like this at the end – lol.

Ps: The course seemed to be a bit long. I always go by my Garmin and I’d hit 6.2 miles just after I turned the left onto the finishing straight. There was about 40 secs difference between my chip time and my Garmin time, and the route seemed to be around 6.3 miles.

Anyway, this year my heart rate was a bit higher, the weather was a bit cooler, but the run felt good. It felt hard and I pushed it to my max, but it was good. Running to heart rate is most definitely my way of running my best. 

If you don’t already do it, you should try it. See here for more:

Pace is always the outcome of my effort (heart rate) plus the conditions (weather and hills / course). HR running simply works. 🙂 I’ll do a more full post about the event today, soon.

Did you do the run today? How did you find it?

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