Women’s 10k tomorrow

Well – tomorrow is the Glasgow Women’s 10k. I got my number a few weeks ago – 327 – and I’m looking forward to it. Fit Girl is doing it too.

It’s starts at 11am from Kelvingrove Park which is about 2 miles away, so we’ll walk up to the start around 10am.

The weather says sunshine & showers… 14’C which might just be ideal for running in. It’s usually a well organised even so we’ll be able to put in our bags to the baggage area and go to the start line.

If you want to track my progress or any other runner’s progress, you can download the Great Run app and out my (or their) number or name in and it’ll track me / them.

If just look out for me on the route – I’ll be wearing a purple skort and bright yellow vest.

I paced it last year and it was roasting, plus it was the first year of a new route which frustratingly double backed on itself a few times. There were issues with faster runners catching up with slower runners / walkers too but they appear to have fixed both of those issues this year. (Colour band starts again, and a tweaked route).

Who else is running the 10k tomorrow? Are you? Or are you spectating? If you see me, please give me a shout / wave. Cape on!


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