What’s your waist to height ratio

I recently wrote about 3 things to help you lose weight – Activity – Eating similar things – Measuring. https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2017/05/30/how-to-lose-weight-successfully/
These were the three things that a group of Americans who lost weight and kept it off had in common.

Since January I’ve made an effort to shed a bit of weight. And for increasing my running and being a bit more careful about what I’ve been eating (aka not being a greedy….) seems to have been what’s worked.

100 miles a month running will do that to you …it’s fine back up a bit recently, but my body fat has dropped from 15.8% or 21.8lbs, to 13.9% or 18.5 lbs.

And my waist to height ratio has gone from 50% to 45% so that’s all good. (84cm to 76cm).

By measuring weekly, what you’re doing is finding out if what you did the previous is helping you to lose weight – or not. If you aren’t losing weight or you’re staying the same, you might need to make more changes.

I use weight and body fat as a measure to see my progress, as well as body measurements. Weight alone wouldn’t tell me that I’ve lost 3.3lbs of fat and 1.3lbs of lean body mass in the last 6 months. (4.6lbs in total). I’ve also lost 8cm off my waist – 8cm!!

Waist to height can be a really simple way to see progress without stepping on a scale. Measure it once a week to find out if the changes you’ve made are working. Or if you know the changes you’re making are working (i.e. By seeing your weight / body fat going down), measure once a month.

I think waist, weight and body fat are the way to go to see progress, but do what works for you.

So… what’s your waist to height ratio? And if it’s above 50% what can you do to get it to be 50% (or lower)?

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