100 miles for May

Today I finished off my 5th months in a row of running 100 miles in a month. It’s been a good challenge that’s kept me motivated to get out running when excutisis could have taken over.

Today was 6 miles on legs that weren’t particularly grateful for me running for 3.5 hours on Sunday. It didn’t feel all that great today, but I did take it easy and listening to my music was good.

Funny average pace – 9:05-9:06 min miles for the most part in the middle 4 miles. Avg HR 149 max 168 up a hill in Bella.

Three days rest hopefully did my legs good, and I’ll tick along with my running until the women’s 10k on Sunday.

I’ll run on Thursday and Friday, then on Sunday.

I was pretty steady with my running in May until I had a planned long weekend off in the middle of May, doing between 4-7 miles each time I ran.

Then the crazy (but fun) Lesley invited me for a 16 miler which turned into an 18.1 miler at the end of the month. After the 10k I’m going to build my long runs up again.

Here’s the pretty monthly mileage graph which is levelling out at 100 miles a month:

And here are my annual steps – over 4.6 million in a year, nearly 450k in May, or nearly 13,000 a day on average. That’ll do nicely. 🙂 Roll on June.

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