How to lose weight successfully

I’ve been speaking with a few people recently about the best way to lose weight. It’s important that you find out what works for you. But these three things have stuck with me since I read then in ‘Diet Cults’ by Matt Fitzgerald.

An American study looked into the main themes for thousands of Americans who lost weight and kept it off. It was seemingly simple. As easy as 1-2-3…

1. Be regularly active.

2. Eat similar things each day.

3. Measure progress.

I also know what works for me – being active / running, and thinking about what I eat so that I don’t overeat (and stop being a greedy … unless I’ve earned it). I’m down about a half stone since December, mainly from running more. I tend to look at body fat % as a good measure of progress too.

See more about my journey here:

Knowing what works for you to lose weight and keep it off, is also important.

Anyway, here’s some more detail into the three above – keeping it simple:

1. Be active doing something you enjoy and you’ll stick at… get active with exercise each day (or most days).
(ie walking / walking the dog / hill walking / running / gym work etc).
– Remember non exercise activity too – make good choices to be more active – walk more instead of taking the car or bus, take the stairs instead of the lift.

I like running, but I know strength training is important, so I’ll include that again soon.

Set a goal, train / be active and achieve.

2. Eat similar things each day.
– Think about what you consume based on activity – eat less on activity lift days, more in activity heavy days (earn it!).
– Balance you calories in vs your calories out – what you eat vs what you burn.

– Think about when you eat – try not to overeat.

– Don’t eat unconsciously or out of habit.

– Eat a good breakfast (protein filled to fill you up – eggs are good).

– Lunch, Dinner and 1-2 healthy / up to 100 cal snacks.

– Eat to fuel your activity – so if you are more active you can eat more.

– Drink water and eat protein to feel fuller longer.

– Eat carbs more around exercise / before / after.

An example food plan might be:

Breakfast – eggs or oats or healthy cereal or fruit & yoghurt, fruit, coffee.

Lunch – meat or fish or egg salad, salted pop corn.

Snack – apple / banana / berries etc

Dinner – meat or fish & veg/potatoes/rice

– Consider what you put into your mouth.

– Try not to drink your calories / be aware of calorific drinks.

3. Measure – your weight/body fat and / or waist to height ratio to see progress, to know if the action you’re taking is working (or not).

(Weekly to keep on track, or monthly to see your progress and confirm what works for you.)

For waist to height ratio – Measure your waist (just below your belly button and divide it by your height), x by 100 to get your waist to height ratio. Aim for 50%.

Less than 35%: Underweight
35% – 42%: Very Slim
42% – 46%: Slim
46% – 49%: Normal
49% – 54%: Overweight
54% – 58%: Very overweight
Greater than 58%: Obese

Make changes in your life:

– Be more active.

– Eat for health.

– Be honest with yourself.

– Measure your progress and find out what works.

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