Sore today but ‘Motion is lotion’…

I remembered tonight why I don’t often make myself run ‘fast’. The after effect or hangover… on Monday I ran faster than I normally would – a 10k time trial in just over 48 minutes. (Faster than my comfy 55-60 minute 10k).

Before I ran, I noticed some shoulder pain in my right shoulder – perhaps a little stress or nerve pain. After the run, it was all loosened off and I couldn’t feel it.

My avg HR was 159, max 174, and I was working hard for most of the 48:28 minutes. Avg pace 7:49 min miles. Running into the wind at points I really noticed it and had to push hard to keep the pace up for the duration.

When my Garmin got to 6.2 miles, I gratefully stopped and recovered for a bit after it, and felt like I’d twinged a muscle in my lower right shin. It was ok, but it niggled for some of the day.

That run was on Monday morning, then I had a day at work, and did a recovery easy run on Tuesday morning…

Tuesday morning – my shin felt fine, so as planned another 10k, but this time just over 10 minutes slower… 10k in 58 minutes. Avg HR 134, max 151. Lovely and comfy. Much nicer than running fast.

Now 2 days after my fast run, I’m sore. The pain in my shoulders is back. My shins, my calves and my thighs are sore.

I need a morning off running / a lie in – and I’m going to get a massage tomorrow too. 🙂

It’s funny how a little change in training can have such an impact on your body. (I’m not quite running like all you amazing people who ran the Stirling Marathon at the weekend)…

Hopefully it’ll mean something is working for me / making me stronger / more used to running fast.

I’ll get some good sleeps for recovery too, and as Sandra Beattie said to me on Sunday (with one of her big smiles):

> ‘Motion is lotion’

…so I’ll get some walking in tomorrow too.

(Thanks to Sandra for sharing that great phrase with me on Sunday!)

Mon: 10k time trial
Tue: 10k easy recovery

Here’s the plan (just over 30 miles to do to get to 💯 mile 🎯by end May):

Wed: Rest (walk) + Coaching PM 5M
Thu: Rest
Fri: 5-6M
Sat: 15M
Sun: Rest
Mon: Rest
Tue: 5-6M (intervals or 10k TT)
Wed: Rest

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1 Response to Sore today but ‘Motion is lotion’…

  1. Sandra says:

    Haha I did 9 miles on Sunday just walking around supporting 😳 Go Lorn, doing fab

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