Wk19 into Wk20

This week has been a little light on the running… just over 12 miles across 3 days in total and 4 rest days. Maybe I can say it’s been a good rest week. 😉

As predicted, I haven’t been forcing myself to do intervals or temp runs, but next week I’ll make an effort to step it up.

We had a long weekend away, and did a short half hour run across the Forth Road Bridge on Monday, then Tuesday was a day off and Wednesday was back to a busy work week. If I didn’t work I’d probably be more motivated to get my feet and body out the door for a run!

We came back from our travels to our 10k numbers through the post. 2 weeks to go now, so I’ll spend the next 2 weeks getting my running up to scratch hopefully.

This week someone I used to coach got back in touch with me for more coaching. I’m going to call her Vegan Teacher (because that’s what she is). She’s also a very determined person who seems to be a very all or nothing person (a bit like me)… and she’s training to do the Glencoe Marathon, and 2 half marathons before that.

I met her on Thursday for our first session and helped her with motivation, her training plan and did a short run with her. I think she’ll do great, she just needs to get back into it and give it some focus. It’ll be great to help her along her journey.

My own other target is 100 miles a month, and I’m doing ok for that. 💯 miles 🎯

I’m just back from 6 miles with Fit Girl this morning. Up to Kelvingrove and back.

After today’s run, I’m at 57.2 miles run, with 10 days to go from Monday – that’s 42.8 miles to go:

Wc22 6.2,5,5,4,15

Wc29 6.2 + cool down

I’m coaching in Wednesday Thursday next week, which will be run the runs in bold, then on the Mondays I’ll do tempo or 10k time trials. Putting a bit more effort into it.

I’m doing an easy long run with my ( crazy ) friend Lesley on Sunday – running from Balloch and back. That should be great fun, as long as she doesn’t push me in a river or a canal for my cheek. 😉

This month has been consistent enough with my running, but I need to pick it up again for more consistency next week. Out the door for 630am unless I’m coaching that day (evenings). Just do it. Get it done.

I’ve also bought some new books that I’m gong to make an effort to read daily too. 🙂

After the 10k is done I’m looking forward to mixing my running in with building in my strength training again. It’ll need some focus for me to get back into it and make it a habit, but I’m hopefully going to do it.

I’ll leave you with these lovely scenes I saw when I walked home on Tuesday night at 9 after my 3rd evening class at the science centre – the Universe for Beginners.

It’s £50 for 4 x 2hr sessions, but I’d highly recommend it. Last week it was a bit mind blowing, telling us all about our universe and how much of a tiny speck it is in the solar system. It’s enough to make you go a little crazy if you think about it too much.

The last class is on Tuesday next week and it’s all about the Big Bang apparently. It really makes you think how small we are, but also how special every single one of us are or can be, too.

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