Wk19 into Wk20

Last week I did just 3 runs, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – runs with others including a coaching session on Wednesday and two runs in the Southside the other days. A lazy day on Monday, a long day (and a rest day) in Edinburgh on Thursday and a weekend of rest too. I must have needed it. 😉

(I’m 44.6 miles into the month and I’ll be at about 48% of the way through the month – on the 15th – and will do 4-6 miles on Monday so I’ll be up to date with my monthly 100 mile challenge).

I’m a bit off track with my 10k training – no interval training – but I had a feeling that might happen. I prefer social runs over speedwork, so hey ho. I’m ok with that.

On Saturday I worked to nearly finish the Garagym … we got some white units which we might try in there, but I’m not sure it’ll all fit in so we might go back to basics and not use them.

We got light and electricity in anyway, and it’s nice and bright. I moved my weights in on Saturday… (and luckily I’m not sore from moving them – phew!).

I’m going to get a smaller bar (5ft instead of 7ft) and get a few more black gym mats (squares which fit into each other). FB funky flooring, 4 squares = 16 square ft.

My plan is to start strength training again in June after the 10k. I’ll still do 3-4 runs a week and do 2 strength sessions – on Monday or Wednesday, and on Friday or Saturday.

I might do ‘Insanity’ on a small DVD player, or I might do bodyweight intervals and kettlebell circuits (from my phone) to start off with (25-30 min sessions).

Back to running next week and my plan for training is as follows:

Mon: 4-6 miles easy
Tue: Rest
Wed: 52 min threshold – 10 min warm up, 15 min Z4, 2 min recovery, 15 min Z4, 10 min cool down. Thu: 4 mile easy (coaching).
Fri: 12 miles (or rest)
Sat: Rest (or run 12 miles instead of on Friday)
Sun: Rest

That’ll be 71 miles for the month by 21st (68% of the month), so if I do all that I’ll be ahead of my 100 mile target for the month.

Looks like I’ll be running across a big bridge tomorrow. 🙂

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