Top Thursday

Today was a good day. Some days it just happens, things all fall into place, and it works. If Carlsberg did Thursdays at work, this would be one of those days. 🙂 When you get to be good at your job and deliver good outcomes – it feels good.

I was up early for the train to Edinburgh to do interviews for a role at BBC Scotland, interviewing people I know through booking them to work on Radio Scotland. Giving them the chance to tell us why they’d be best for the role, hearing their stories, and learning more about them. 

Recruiting through a fair process and hopefully getting the best from them in the interview. 

I got the early train to get into the office about 9. On my way to the station I got a message from someone who asked for coaching and motivation, maybe 2 years ago. That time wasn’t right for her, but now she’s looking for my help.

I got back in touch with her, and I’ll meet her next week to start coaching her to help her be motivated and hopefully achieve a good challenge of completing the glencoe marathon.

Even the guy on the train hogging two seats, one with his bag, didn’t get to me. I posted it on Facebook and watched rage ensue at him from my friends. 😉 that was quite funny.

He ended up getting off after half an hour so I grabbed his seat and was forward facing on the way back.

After the interviews I made it my mission to tell all of the candidates what the outcome of the interviews had been and offered feedback.

I had another meeting at 4 I had arranged and had a good chat with the person, before getting back to all the candidates. I thought it would be good for them to know tonight if they could, rather than them waiting for tomorrow. They all seemed to take the news positively.

I ended up being able to offer a couple of bits of work today, plus some more from other parts of my job. It reminds me what’s important, and how much I like working with people. I caught up with the emails I’d missed all day, then started the commute home.

One of the last to leave the office, but a really good day at work.

Now on my way home on the train, it’ll be over a 12 hour day door to door – but I’ll have met all my steps and Apple activity goals. 🙂 (even on a ‘rest day’). And the weather is pretty nice too – blue skies and sunny.

When I get home I’m hopefully going to get to open a present Fit Girl ordered me – a new Rainbow Ring from Sheila Fleet jewellery – an early birthday present and a replacement for a rainbow gem ring I got in San Diego a few years ago (and most of them gems have fallen out of). Lucky me, can’t wait to open it and put it on!

And finally, we got light and electricity into our Garagym today too!

All good and like it was all meant to be. Even a nice sunset on the walk home. 

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