Wk18 into Wk19

Last week’s running was a little more consistent with 4 runs including one interval session (on my own) on Friday morning. I still had three rest days, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Just over 26 miles in a week will keep me well on track for doing 100 miles this month again. So all good.

Here’s what I did:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 6M easy
Wed: Rest
Thu: 8M long / easy
Fri: 47 min intervals
Sat: Rest
Sun: 7.1M easy

The weather has been really nice, nice and sunny but not too warm first thing. Today was the first time it felt hot, and it warranted shorts and a vest for the first time this year.

Other things I got up to last week was getting on with the Garagym … the floor is dry, the bikes and shelving are up, I’ve got a couple of temporary lights in there, along with 1.8 metres x 2.5 metres of gym flooring, a step and other bits going in there.

A TRX, and a step, some exercise mats, resistance bands. We have an electrician coming soon, and he’ll fit a long bright led light, 2×2 sockets and a light switch. Then once all of that is in, I’ll love my weights in and add some more bits and pieces to finish it off. 🙂

On Tuesday night I went to my first evening class about The Universe at the science centre. The planetarium was busy an the host did a good two hour session and the stars, and planets. It’s good being reminded of what I know, and learning more. 

I might be looking out for Jupiter snd it’s moons some time when I’m up late and the sky is clear. 

Friday morning on my run this week was good – the sun was splitting the sky…

The endorphins from my speed / interval session must have been affecting me as I took a smiling run selfie after it. It’s nice living and working where I do. 

Anyway, here’s the plan next week. I’m in Edinburgh with work on Thursday so that will be a rest day. I’ll probably finish the Garagym on Saturday, and Sunday will lead into a few days off work.

So here it is:

Mon: 55 min threshold – 15 min warm up, 15 min HR 148-166, 15 min HR under 140, 10 min recovery.

Tue: 60-90 min easy

Wed: AM 55 min intervals – 15 min warm up, 10x 2:1, 10 min cool down. PM run coaching

Thu: Rest

Fri: 2×2 mile intervals: 10 min warm up, 2M fast, 10 min recovery, 2M fast, 10 min cool down.

Sat: Rest

Sun: Rest

(A bit of a change from below, but still 4-5 runs in a week).

The workouts are all set up in my Garmin so I’ll just select them from my training calendar, or simply start my Garmin for easy run.

And I’ll create a new one for coaching on Wednesday night with Audrey:

45 minutes:
10 min warm up
3 x 5 mins fast: 5 mins recovery
5 min cool down

Aside from running, I’m thinking I’ll start strength training again after the women’s 10k in June – Use the Garagym to mix it up a bit and do some body weight and weighted workouts along side my running hopefully.

This last week we also saw some nice sunsets … more to come I’m sure… 🙂

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