Aaahhh I left my Garmin vivosmart at home charging!

I use an old style Garmin vivosmart to track my steps in Garmin. It’s hardly ever off my wrist, as it has a really long battery life, and I use it to track my sleep too.

Today I thought I’d better put it on charge, and I took my Apple Watch off and put it beside it so I’d remember to put my vivosmart back on my wrist before I left for work.

But I forgot. :-/

Then at about 11am I noticed it wasn’t on my wrist. Aaaahhh!!

Look – 4.5 million steps in a year… around 12,000 per day.

But if I leave my vivosmart at home, I can’t record them. (It’s not bad that it’s the first time I’ve ever done it).

So van you guess what I did?

I cheated a bit, and text Fit Girl… to ask her if she was at home or passing, to go in and get my vivosmart and put it on whilst she was out walking her dogs.

I came home to it / her having done 10,870 steps. 😉

Phew!! 😉

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