Garagym Phase 1

As you might remember, we acquired the garage near our house in March… we have plans for it…

… I’m calling it the ‘Garagym’ – where it’ll be a multifunctional gym / storage area with room for a car to go in it if we want to.

I’ve always wanted a TRX suspension trainer, and a bench to go with the Olympic weights and squat rack I have… but I needed somewhere for it all to go – rather than in our spare room.

I’ve ordered some stuff including the TRX, bench, good strong shelving and gym flooring… and will kit it out as time goes on.

We have two parts to the first phase –
1 – getting electricity into it – lighting and sockets.

2 – painting one wall white and painting the floor.

Our electrician isn’t available until one of the last weekends in May, but he’s given us the armoured cable to bury deep in the ground. 

We dug down a channel of around 18″ deep in the last few weeks – from the house to the garage, and today we buried the cable. So our garden is looking almost back to normal.

Here’s the inside of the Garagym… with a car in it there will be about 2-3 metres at the back. I have a plan on the computer … weights on the left, shelves at the back… bikes on the right / up high hopefully. 

I’d already sealed the brick walls with a PVA mixture the other week and today I put two coats of masonry paint on the wall. It just needs finished off, then I’ll make a start on painting the floor (grey with sparkles lol). 

Once it’s painted we’ll get the electrician to do his bit – then phase 2 will be to lay the gym flooring at the back, and get the shelving and other bits and pieces in. 🙂

Garagym Phase 1 in progress!

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