Hols & 100 mile Progress

I took an extra few days off work after Easter to chill out after a busy period … and had a good few days with Fit Girl before going to visit a good friend in Skye on Wednesday into Thursday.

I gave my friend my last glass rainbow as a thanks for being there for me, and spent some time with her reminiscing over old times, and generally just catching up and being with her. It was really nice.

It was a long journey there and back – somehow the 5 hours there were nicer – nicer weather, better traffic, the excitement of seeing her. But the 6 or so hour journey back wasn’t as pleasant…(I got stuck behinds slow moving lorries with windmill arms on then for about an hour).

However, as the journey went on it was a nicer reminder of good times.

It was the road I used to drive when I visited my Granny or Aunt in Lochaline, and as if on cue, there was a rainbow at Rannoch Moor on the journey there, and another two on the way back – at Rannoch Moor and Crianlarach. They made the journey a lot more pleasant, as did the stunning scenery of Glencoe (even in the rain on Thursday).

Rain / April Showers + sun = rainbows. What a lovely part of the world.

After I got home I got a good sleep (10hrs) and will spend today, the last day of my leave not doing a lot.

I’ve been for a wee run, just over 40 mins… and am meeting a friend for lunch before maybe venturing in the garage to do some of the work that needs to be done on it.

Here’s my run from this morning – a new route, 4.5 miles nice and comfy.

Avg HR 150, max 160. A negative split and a notification than my vo2 max is up to 52, which is good as it was one of my goals to improve it too. 🙂

My 100 mile goal for this month is on target, so far I’m at 69.8 miles, so have 30.2 miles to go, in about 8 days – that’s very achievable.

Here’s my plan:

30.2 miles to go

Sat: 5M

Sun: Rest

Mon: 6.2M

Tue: 8M

Wed: Rest

Thu: 5M

Fri: 6M

Sat: Rest

Sun: Rest

With an option to run on the Saturday or Sunday if I miss a run. Back to work next week, so I’ll need to be up early to run. 🙂

This time last year I was all geared up for the London marathon and I have to say I’m relieved not to have it on my shoulders this year. Maybe one year in the future I’ll do it again.

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