Easter weekend of fun

What’s busy Easter weekend I’ve had… only one run (10 miles on Saturday), plenty of sleep, quite a few parks, some kite flying, a beach and a couple of rainbows. 🙂 (and a few Easter eggs).

Friday I was the Dog Walkers assistant, with Cooper the chihuahua and Rupert the Pomeranian. They are very cute. 🙂

Then we went for an early dinner at Ollie’s on Nithsdale road – a nice goats cheese pizza. Very tasty. I think I maybe had a nap after all that!

On Saturday I went a long run with Gill – 10 miles from Bella, through Pollok, around Queens Park and back to Bella.

I managed to dodge a nap that afternoon and went kite flying at Bellahouston Park instead. And there was a nice big rainbow as we drove up to the park. 🙂 April Showers. 

Kite flying for about half an hour was fun. It was a bit chilly, but it was good fun as usual.

Then we had a walk around Bella Park.

On Sunday – no pics as we got up early and went shopping. Had a great wee day, breakfast first then loadsa shops. And a few Easter eggs too. 🙂

I bought my uncle a few presents for his birthday, some presents for Fit Girl and a few presents for myself too.

Monday was a nice wee lie in, then a drive to Irvine beach for about an hour walking along the beach.

In the sea, out of the sea, a nice bright sunny day. New jacket, new scarf. 🙂 

And Asda and Jasper came too…

Then in the afternoon we spent a bit of time in the house / garage getting ready for what we’ll be doing in it (doing it up) in the next few weeks / months.

That was all just before we saw one of the biggest, brightest double rainbows I’ve ever seen, right outside our house. It was there for ages – about 15 minutes or so.

A nice relaxing long weekend with plenty rest, going to get back running tomorrow / Tuesday.

49 miles complete, I’ll need to get my trainers on some more if I want to run 100 miles this month! Eek!

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