Everything happens for a reason

What a week this has been… I’ve not mentioned this as it was ongoing… but just over 3 weeks ago I submitted an application for a job in work… it was the chance for me to use my knowledge, skills and experience in a new role at BBC Scotland.

Up to the 20 March, I spent a long week researching and writing my application … and my sleep was really affected. 3 hours one night, 4 the next, 6, 4, and so on. I kept waking up at 1, 2 or 3am and ended u just getting up to work on my application. Aaaarrrgg. Then I submitted it on time, and waited to hear.

I started asking people who knew the role for their take on the role. Researching it, and spending lots of time learning what I could about it. I learned about the team, the people, the person it would report to. I reminded myself of the BBC values and realised I really work to them – it really is a great place to work. 

And I spoke to the person who had done the role previously and many more people to gain insight into the role. A few of my chats got moved, and even a fire alarm got in the way of one, but I was taking an overview and learning what I could from everyone I met. 

Then last week I heard that I got an interview. Phew! All the hard work was worth it. It was on Wednesday the 5th, and I managed to luckily get the first spot at 9am. I was hoping to wow them at the start of the day so whoever they saw after that wouldn’t come close – aaaarrrggg.

The job was such a great opportunity – a chance to be right at the heart of BBC Scotland at a really exciting time of change. I was really keen for it. I saw two big rainbows the day I submitted my application, I was feeling positive. 

I continued to study the role, and created a couple of designs that showed my creativity and knowledge of the people (I’d hand it over at the end of the interview to hopefully impress). I spent time checking with people that the information I’d gathered was correct.

I spoke to more people and got their take on the role, and I prepared for the questions I’d probably be asked: – what different parts can you bring to the role? Why you?
– communication
– business knowledge
– resilience

– team working 

I arranged a ‘mock interview’ the day before with someone I knew would test me… and I had to do an ‘intray exercise’ the day before. I was visualising me in the interview, getting the job and working in the job. If I didn’t get it I’d just refocus and be fine. 

I’d see my Granny’s picture at the top of the stairs in our house, and I’d say to her that I was going to make her proud. She’d love it that I was just working at BBC Scotland, never mind getting this role! I realised that I do a lot in my life to try to make my Granny and Dad (and others) proud of me. 

I got my sleep back on track and prepared for the big day. I was so ready for it, and buzzing – cape on, I felt like I’d done everything I could to give myself the best chance at it.

I’d researched so much and marshalled my resources. I’d told loads of people I was applying for it, but I felt good about telling them as most helped me or were rooting for me. I was ready, with so many people helping me and being behind me building me up for the big day.

I got my smart outfit ready and planned the day:
6am – wake up
615am – 4M run, ending up running past the BBC
7am – get ready
745am – walk to work
8am – final touches to intray exercise
830am – waiting outside the room, ready to go / relaxing and going over my notes and information. Smart and ready for it.

The morning of the interview I came down to the card above from Fit Girl – ‘Just go in and remember you’re fantastic’. Sitting there I was up for it (but still a bit nervous – eeeek!)

9am came and I was called in. Two people asking the questions – the interview was planned to last 45 minutes. I felt a few butterflies, but I had my cape on and I did my best. I answered all of the questions, subtly looking at my one page of notes at points to help. 

I answered all of the questions and borught a bit of humour in at points, and I felt like I’d done well. 50 minutes after I went in, it was all over and I was leaving the room. 

I’d asked a few good questions at the end, and given over my idea to them (without being asked to). They seemed to like it. 😀

Over two weeks of build up, a loads of work, and it was all over. Now the wait to find out if I’d got it or not. They were interviewing others, but I was pretty sure I’d done my best. Adrenaline’d right up, I needed to take a break. :-/

I took a breather after it for about an hour, sat in Starbucks and called & text some important people in my life, to tell them how it went. I tried to come down, then went back in to work and got on with my work.

That night I went to bed early, but woke at about 2am, loads of thoughts, going over my answers… thinking of how I could have answered the questions better.

My mind was in overdrive – worrying when there was nothing I could do about it. The adrenaline had worn off and my cape was stuck on the floor.

There were 3 bits I was thinking of – business knowledge, what it was about me that made me best for the role, and the resilience question. Aaaaarrggg! I was answering the questions better in my head, elaborating and rethinking them when there was no point.

It was horrible waiting…. I’d been told I’d either hear on the Wednesday afternoon or the Thursday. After 6pm on Wednesday I was thinking all sorts – I haven’t heard, that might mean I’ve not got it… maybe it doesn’t mean that. They tell thesuccessful candidate first then they turn down the others, so I’ve not got it. Or maybe I have? Eeeeeeek!!

What a rollercoaster!!

The next day I travelled to Edinburgh to work and tried to relax on the train. Then at about 10am in the office I got the call…

The guy who called had been on the panel, and I could almost tell the outcome from his first words….

… I wasn’t successful. 😦

… But he told me had done a really good application and interview. So much so, the hiring manager wanted to meet me to talk about my potential and more (which is exciting!) – who knows what the future might hold for me?

The person who got the role was already in the department and had more knowledge of the role, but it was very close, I was told. Which is great. (I’m kind of excited for them!)

At the end of the call, I broke down, and went to the bathroom and cried a little. Not even out of disappointment I’m not getting it – more that it was over, I’d done my best and I’d impressed. It seems I’d made my mark in my own special way. Pride overcame me and I had to tell those close to me (by text) my news.

I felt strangely ok about it. Having given it my all… I’m a true believer in fate. 

Everything happens for a reason and What’s for You won’t go by you. It seems that I’ve raised my profile with important people in my work, and I’ll meet the hiring manager soon for a chat. Who knows what could happen? 😀 (eeeek!) 

I don’t even feel disappointed – it’s odd. It was a challenging but good experience and I’ve worked hard and seem to delivered as best I could. 

It has also reminded me of my passion for working at the BBC, and how fortunate I am. I’m in a really good role now, and I love being good at my role. Doing my best to help people and being able to use my creativity every day. I get to work with and help so many people there – it’s very special.

And now people are telling me they’re proud of me for doing so well, even though I didn’t get it. It has been a long three weeks though!

After Thursday it was time to refocus and get my sleep back on track. I met a really good friend on Thursday night in Edinburgh and had a good chat about her crazy life and my crazy life – both buzzed up and challenged for very different reasons.

I went a run on Friday morning and vowed to have a restful Saturday and maybe a run on Sunday.
21 miles into the month and about 20% of the way through the month, I’m on target again for 100 miles running this month.

100 miles a month in Jan – March has led to me losing all the weight I put on in Oct-Dec when I was off running (20-40 miles a month). I put on about 9-10lbs up to December, and now it’s all gone – running regularly, it works for me. 🙂

Today we were up way too early (my body clock woke me at 550am and we were up from then). Out for breakfast at just before 9am, at Little Italy. A tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs and a couple of coffees, and an orange juice.

We had a good breakfast and ordered our second coffee – when an odd turn of events meant we got talking to the actress who plays ‘Scarlett’ in River City.

She had sat at a table looking onto our table. I was about to say to her that she was good in River City – when she spoke to us first – and commented how skinny we were. Lol

I’m not usually one for selfies, but we got chatting and we offered to buy her a coffee. We ended up spending about an hour and a half having the most open and down to earth conversation with Sally. A lovely, witty and entertaining lady.

I’ve always wondered how people on telly or people are so recognisable cope with people thinking they know them, or whispering about them. She says she takes it all in good humour, and touch wood people are usually nice, or a bit heck-ly in a fun way.

My afternoon was spent chilling in the garden, catching the rays, and listening to music. I felt a little gubbed, the last few weeks catching up with me.

I had a wee visit from Henry the cat…

…and a wee sweep stake on the grand national with our neighbours = 4 people – £5 for 11 horses, and my horse won! £5 turned into £20! Yahooo!

Now I aim to chill out a bit more, get back to aiming to being ‘Healthy, happy and fit’… work on our garage project, and work 4 days next week before a week off work.

I can’t wait for some time out in April. I’m planning on meeting people and a wee visit to Skye where I’ll see this wee pup a year on.

All in all a mix of a challenging and very different week. Spring and sunshine is in the air and I’m hopeful for the future. Who knows what it might bring? Hopefully all of my hard work will be worth it.

Life is good – and it feels like maybe 2017 will be a year of change and possibilities for me. 🙂

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