11 miles in the Spring sun

I was hoping to do about 10 miles running in a long run this weekend. Saturday before a rest day, visiting inlaws and doing bits and bobs, and the weather forecast for Sunday was better anyway.

I could have put off running this weekend, but then if I make a habit of that it’ll make it really hard to get to my 100 mile goal for the month, so it’s working to motivate me out the door.

I wasn’t sure where to run today, and was a bit tempted to just do 5 miles … so I asked Fit Girl where I should go and she said – Maxwell Park, Pollok Park and Bellahouston Park.

I knew that if I did that it would be 10 miles or there abouts, so this morning I just set myself a time to be out for (11am), had my breakfast earlier, then was out the door by 10:55am.

I ran up to and around Maxwell Park, saw the ducks, and lots of dogs, and a little kids (between 1-2 yrs old) waved at me and I waved back. I met a very cute 7 yr old spaniel called Isla (and her owner) – the dog was so full of beans and energy. Very cute indeed.

After Maxwell Park I went into a rather busy Pollok park, full of walkers, cyclists and dogs. Around last the river, birds tweeting, sun streaming through the trees. 5 or 6 miles in and I was feeling really good.

Along to Bellahouston Park, then a pretty direct route home, but I did a wee detour past my work to give it a wink and a nod. Fingers crossed for next week there.

I felt good through out my run, a little tired in the legs towards the end. My heart rate was going between about 150-160, so all good there. My splits were pretty steady too, averaging 8:50 min miles, with an avg HR of 153.

As I was close to home, I had to stop a bit to let a family and especially a toddler find his way past me. This sort of thing used to annoy me, but now I just stop and give them right of way. And then really close to home I met another family of three, two parents and a young boy who was waving at me. I waved back and smiled.

Maybe they liked the bright colours I was wearing / pink / orange / purple?

So 11 miles, and lots of nice sights and sounds. A good bit of accomplishment for a Sunday morning, and good listening to my tunes (but still being able to hear the birds etc as I was using my trekz bone conduction headphones).

I got hone to a visit from Henry the neighbourhood cat. He’s cute too, and so very friendly.

Here’s him languishing in the sun as I drank a smoothie and some water.

Oh and today was one of the first days I wore my sunnies. 🙂 Roll on Summer!

11 miles = 11% of my monthly mileage goal, and we’re 7% of the way through the month, so that run will start me off nicely.

I plan to run the following next week:

Mon: 4.3M
Tue: Rest
Wed: 3.1M
Thu: Rest (and Edinburgh)
Fri: 6M
Sat: Rest
Sun: 13.1M (maybe!)

Hopefully I’ll have some good news to share next week too – fingers crossed. Cape on.

Ps: If you can lend me your cape mid week, I’d appreciate it. 😉

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