Loch Katrine 10k pics

I decided the buy the race pics from the Loch Katrine 10k – a really good and friendly event in mid March at Loch Katrine. I’d highly recommend it as a good, scenic and well organised event.

Here’s my race report from the day (19th March 2017).

Here’s the pictures though – here’s me just after the start… in a bit of pain probably (working hard trying to run fast…)

I clearly wasn’t ready to have my photo taken at this point on the way back in…

A bit further in, on the way back… I noticed the camera this time, endorphins flying by this time…

Buff off… hello mr photographer!


Not far from the end… (photo below from WIllie Baird on facebook)

Me on the last stretch… working hard to finish, but still smiling… 🙂

Well earned medal – 48:19… avg HR 165, max 187! 7th lady out of about 60 or so. 🙂
Final results are here.

And here’s the Loch Katrine Running Festival Facebook page.

Here’s the link to my activity on Garmin… https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1628740727

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