100 miles a month (and graphs!)

I like graphs.

It might be sad to admit, but I do. I like how my running makes graphs in Garmin, and other apps.

Look at this graph from my friend Grant from Wick who ran 10k a day for a month in September last year – he did it for charity and did great to keep at it and achieve it. (Not sure what happened towards the end with the blip!)

Then look at this graph, heart rate vs hills. Ouch. It looks like 3 hills, 4 times each. 🙂

Now look at this graph… my annual running miles by month.

… all over the place… based on increased training around marathon time in April and October. Then reduced training due to injury / required rest.

Then the correlating weight graph showing +weight with less running and -weight with more running. Up down up down up down. (And down 8-9lbs since December since running more, yahoo!)

Now, I’m on a roll with my 100 miles a month target. It’s really motivating me to get out running 3-5 times a week. I managed 100 miles in January and February, and now I’m on target for 100 miles in March.

With 7 days to go, I have 22.5 miles to go, which should be fine. 4 runs should do it.

Sat: Rest
Sun: 8M
Mon: 5M
Tue: 4.5M
Wed: Rest
Thu: 5M
Fri: Rest

Even though I’ve had two colds between February and now, I’m resting, getting my health back and getting out running.

Now I just need to see if I want to do this all year, to see if I can get a level graph (100 miles a month) for the full year. :-/ We will see!

Do you have any goals this year that are motivating you? Maybe knee that aren’t events?

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