Activity vs Weight

I’ve read the book Diet Cults by Matt Fitzgerald and a part of it stuck out to me… namely …

3 things that people who lost weight and kept it off had in common (in a study done in America):

1. Eating similar things all the time (ie same meals weekly or daily).

2. Weighing in regularly (weekly) – measuring it to help them manage it.

3. Being active regularly.

I do all of that, as well as trying not to over eat when I have rest days, but fuelling up on days where I exercise / run = Burn the calories off so I can eat (and not be on a diet or be restricted).

Here’s my weight graph for the last year…kind of steady until about September… then 3 marathons in 18 months hurt my feet, so I took some time off running.

I really reduced my running in October to December, and the link weight line went up.

A lot less calories burned and probably the same amount consumed = weight goes up.

This time last year my weight and body composition was:

17 Mar 16 – 131.2lbs 14.5% body fat
19lbs body fat / 112.2lbs

Then in 9 months later after the reduced activity above, +8lbs in weight.

6 Dec 16 – 139.6lbs 15.8% body fat
22lbs body fat / 117.6lbs lean body mass

Then 100 miles running in January and February, no gym and a bit of a better focus on not over eating… and then boom:

17 Mar 17 – 131.2lbs 14.4% body fat
18.9lbs body fat / 112.3lbs

In 10 weeks since the start of the year – a loss, of 8.4lbs of Weight, made up of 3.1lbs body fat and 5.3lbs lean body mass.

I’m pleased with that, although I could do with not losing so much lbm. I’ll start back at the gym / working out after this 10k on Sunday.

What have I done to drop the weight?

1. Set a goal to run 100 miles a month (meaning I’m running more than I was).

2. Being more mindful about what I’m eating, and not eating out of habit or greed.
3. Eating similar foods weekly and eating less on rest days, more on exercise days.

4. Weighed in regularly (about once a week). (I tend to recommended using body fat % as a good way to see your body composition change when you’re trying to lose weight.

I’ll leave you with this:

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