100 miles for February

I made it! Even with about week off running with a cold at the start of the month, I managed to get to 100 miles for February. 🙂

A bit of packing it in towards the end again, by if I run 100 miles or more in march it should be easier as there are 3 more days and I’ll hopefully not be off running with a cold.

The cold last month might have had something to do with running a lot towards the end of the month, so I’ll keep an eye on that and try not to get run down again.

This mornings little run kicked off just after 630am as the sun was coming up. It was about -2’C but other than that it was nice. I was wrapped up warm and up for my short run.

I don’t tend to run less than 3 miles when I got out, with 5 miles being one of my more regular distances to run. It was quite nice to just do just over 20 minutes, but I was maybe just warming up by the time I got back.

Oh and I cracked open my new running trainers too – shiney pink mizuno wave inspires. I like them a lot. Out with the old…

My avg hr was 147, nice and steady, max 155. A nice wee recovery run to finish off my month. Today I have some walking into town, then tomorrow a hills coaching session. Thursday rest / Edinburgh day, Friday 5k.

Running 100 miles a month certainly has motivated me when I maybe wouldn’t have normally run that distance, or as much. Or I’d have found excuses to not run, so it’s working well.

Here we go anyway, 2 months at 100 miles – let’s see what the rest of the year brings.

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