Wk7 into Wk8

I’ve not really posted about my training in the last few weeks. Since trying to give blood on 1st Feb sign posted the start of a bit of run down time for me, with a cold the first week of February, I didn’t want any undue pressure on me. So I just ran when I felt like it and was careful not to overdo if.

I felt better by last weekend and did a good 2 hour half marathon with my brother and his friend in Caithness. Then I picked up my training properly again, back on track to hopefully run 100 miles this month, with 3-5 runs a week (after a slow / ill start).

I did a bit of coaching last week, 3 sessions, plus a 10 miler today and a couple of other runs including 1 interval session for myself (i.e. Not coaching):

Mon: Rest (travel back)
Tue: 8.5M including 2 coaching sessions
Wed: 5.6M intervals, 4×6:1
Thu: Rest
Fri: 8.2M including 1.5M coaching TT
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10M, fast 8th mile

No strength training again, which I should probably get back into but I’m enjoying my running just now, so I’ll take it as it comes. I’m away with work to Stornaway for a few days next week, so will take my trainers for a wee jaunt / wake me up on Thursday.

Here’s the plan, which will get me to 93.7 miles for the month, 26/28 days of the month (93% of the way through the month).

20-26 Feb: 6+4.3+5+10+3.1 = 28.1

Mon: 4.3M easy
Tue: 6M intervals maybe
Wed: Up early to Stornoway (Rest)
Thu: 5M easy (Stornoway)
Fri: 5k
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10-13.1M long

Here’s me after my long run today, in my new gillet, a little bit buzzing from running fast. 😉 (I should probably do that more often).

Easy peasy. 😉

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