Rainbow Thanks

I went to see Batman the Lego movie last weekend with my brother and his family. Kids bring me a good reason to go and see and enjoy a kids movie.

It was a good film, the main story of the film was that Batman got through life mostly on his own, and either pushed people away or saved the world in his own. He was an orphan billionaire with no family of his own to speak of, and it was only towards the end of the film that the story ‘friends become family’ came out.

One of my favourite lines was ‘Life has no seatbelts’… I guess we just have to hold on, sit tight and try to enjoy the ride.

Sometimes family isn’t there for you, but good friends are. I’ve noticed this and I’m so glad I had friends or friends of the family there to help guide me through life.

This brings me onto my thing for February. My ‘Rainbow Thanks’. I’ve realised over the last year or so, that when I was a kid, some of my family either split up, got out or weren’t really there for me. I got on with it though and I found I reached out to others for support and guidance, I was very lucky.

I was the youngest of 5, and from the age of me being about 9, times got tough and some got out. Some remained and still remain close to me. My Mum wasn’t really there for me much, and as a result I found myself reaching out to others.

I realised there are a few in my family I leaned on, but mostly I found my family or my support network in non family members. I also built relationships up within my family, making an effort with my Dad, my Granny and my Aunt. Spending time with them and really getting to know them. Being there for them when they needed it too.

For me, around 8-10 people formed my support network and helped me to grow and flourish as I was growing up. They helped me to understand the world, to know that it was ok to be me, to be individual and to care.

I’ll not go into detail on who they are, mostly strong individual female figures, who helped guide me and helped me see straight and see perspective when life was a little crazy.

The neighbour, the family friend, the babysitter, my best friend, the other good friend, my Dad, my brother, a close friend who was there for me in the last year.

My Granny was also one of them, and a lovely lady Norma from my home town. Both who have passed away but are strongly in my thoughts. They brought me the elephant to have fun with (Granny), and the giraffe to laugh at because it looks funny (Norma).

I drove past Norma’s house recently and I had to smile when I thought of all the times we chatted and we shared this together. She was one very special lady.

My Granny also brought me the rainbow, which I made up in my head so that whenever a rainbow appeared, I’d think of her and remember her, and hope I was going her proud.

Anyway, I decided I really wanted to thank those who have been here for me, mostly from my childhood, and one from current times. Eight very special people to me. So I bought 8 rainbow glass arch bridges from Rainbow Lux Glass.

I took some time out in January and wrote each person an individual wee note thanking them for being there for me, and telling them why the rainbow was so important to me.

Then I got some boxes, ribbons and rainbow tissue paper and collected it all together. Adding a Moonpig card with a picture of a rainbow from the bottom of my granny’s garden, and the thank you note inside it.

I decided I would hand deliver all of my rainbow thanks, and this weekend I’ve been up to Inverness and Wick dropping off most of them.

I feel very lucky to have had these people in my life, people who took time out with me when I was younger (and now) and helped me become strong and know what’s right and wrong. Strong influences who helped me to grow up to be me.

Today I have two left to give away. One I’ll be able to give today, then another will be given in April time hopefully when I get a chance to visit the last person on my rainbow thanks list.

Lastly, a strange thing happened last year when I ordered my 8 rainbow bridges. It was about October time, and I showed my boss that I was buying them for people who had been there for me.

She looked a bit annoyed and said ‘That’s your Christmas ruined then! I got you one of them.’ Randomly, out of all the things she could have picked me, she bought me a rainbow bridge from rainbow lux glass, before I’d even seen them. She knows he so well.

So I have my own rainbow bridge in my livingroom too now. 🙂

I hope my friends / family like them.

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