Not today thank you – giving blood

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the day helping the Janice Forsyth Show team on an outside broadcast at the CCA for Celtic Connections. It was a good wee day.

I finished about half 4, in town, so I decided I’d go and give my 29th pint of blood.

I managed to get an appointment as soon as I arrived, filled the usual form in and went to get my heamoglobin levels tested.

Haemoglobin levels (or iron) needs to be above 12.5 for women to be able to give blood, and mine usually are.

The first finger pin prick test gave a reading of 11.5, then another, the same. So they tried a sample from my arm and it was up to 12.0, but not high enough. 😦

So I was turned around and told not to come back for 6 months. Boooo (but it makes sense). Looks like I need to work in boosting my iron levels with my diet!

I already take a multi vitamin, but maybe I should try and get some more vitamin c from my diet too. It in my diary for after the 1st August to try again.

At least I know my blood pressure is ok as I’ve tested that and it’s fine.

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