January 2017

January was me doing 17 runs totalling 100 miles, 5 strength sessions and quite a few rest days (especially towards the end of the month). I’ve been getting good sleep mostly, apart from maybe 1 night in the month.

To put a bit of perspective on my 100 miles in January, it’s my second highest mileage for a January since 2009. The highest January miles for me was 2013 at 111 miles, other than that I did 39 miles, or 53, 67, 82 or 94. So 100 is a great effort (for me). 😀

Light Pink in the tables below is my planned runs, green is my actual runs. Purple is spin and dark pink is strength training.

My main aim was to build up my fitness again and build my long runs, which I did, up to half marathon distance. I also aimed to run 100 miles, which I did after a rested weekend and a rival push in the last 2 days in January. A very tight squeeze towards the end and I nearly didn’t do it.

Weekly miles of between 16-23 miles, I could do with running more miles in February. It was so much easier to fit in training the first week when I was off work!

I’m planning my training into February. Run days on Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun, with the option to skip one if I really need to. Mon strength day (plus Wed / Thu or Fri strength), Saturday rest day. Long run day will be Sunday.

I’d like to shoot for 100 miles again in February, so that’s 25 miles a week. Let’s see if I can do that. 😕

I’d like to push to do at least 2 strength sessions a week too, so I’ll plan that in too. I’ll need to get up early and get on with it. 🙂 (I need to do better than 5 strength sessions a month!)

I do have some travel in February with work, the 9th in Edinburgh and the 22-23 in Stornaway, I should get a run in Stornaway but the other travel days will be rest days.

I’ve put in intervals and hills or fartlek running on Wednesdays and Fridays, so I’ll see about including them twice a week in February. And a few sessions will be coaching sessions where I focus on others.

Loch Katrine 10k is on the 17th March so I’ll keep that in mind too. I’ll do a 10k time trial before then.

100 miles running and a few gym sessions has seen my weight and body fat go down a bit:

1 Jan: 137.8lbs, 15.8% body fat
21.7lbs fat / 116.1lbs lbm

28 Jan: 135.4lbs, 14.3% body fat
19.4lbs fat / 116lbs lbm

I’ve been working on eating and feeling well too, being more mindful of what I eat and eating enough each day based on activity levels. 

So it looks like I’ve lost about 2lbs in weight, keeping my lbm (or my weight that isn’t fat) the same, but reducing my body fat by just over 2lbs. Good result! 

(A lot) Less running in Oct – Dec last year probably made my weight / body fat go up steadily, so hopefully more running in Feb onwards will make my weight / body fat go down. 

Roll on February, time to get on with it!

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