100 miles in January ?

A friend / colleague on Facebook posted something at the start of the year asking her friends if they would challenge themselves in some way, and maybe update regularly. Quite motivational for those who want to partake.

The challenge was to be individual, and I chose a target of 100 miles in January (and maybe each month in 2017 if I’m lucky). This month might be a close one, but still realistic (just!)

25 days in, with 6 days to go, this month I’ve run 69.6 miles (over 12 runs). I’ve gone 3 long runs, 2×10 miles and a 13.1 mile long run. Nearly 70% complete, 30% to go.

I’ve built up my long runs again, so this weekend I’ll do another long run, 16 miles this Sunday – 4×4 mile progression run (getting faster / putting in more effort each 4 miles, going by HR).

30.4M left:

Thu 26: 4M + 5M coaching
Fri 27: Squat Strength
Sat 28: Rest
Sun 29: 16M 4×4 HR 150/155/160/165+

Mon 30: Spin + Deadlift Strength
Tue 31: 5.6M easy

I should do it all ok, even with a couple of strength days and a rest day. Fingers crossed.

Have you got any mini goals this month? What are they and how are you getting on with them?

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