Wk3 into Wk4 & Rise

Saturday morning and I’m up early sitting hearing the birds tweeting outside as the sun comes up. This week hasn’t been my most active of weeks, but it’s been a good balance of work, life and people.

I’ll manage just 3 runs, around 20 miles, and I had a walk / Edinburgh day on Thursday (5 miles) – no strength training.

I did take my running gear to work on wed and Friday, with a possibility of running at lunchtime, but I didn’t. I feel ok with it as I was busy, but maybe next week I’ll make an effort to run / train a little more.

Here’s what I did training wise:

Mon: 5 mile run
Tue: 5 mile
Wed: Rest
Thu: Rest / Edinburgh / walk
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest / friends
Sun: 10-13 miles

Maybe I could call it a rest week? Lol or maybe life and work just took over a bit more than normal.

One thing I have noticed that whilst maybe I haven’t invested as much time in my own exercise this week as I’d have liked to, my work has allowed me to speak and help to lots of people this week.

Maybe 12 plus people, having chats about how they’re getting on, giving them work, getting to know them and listening to what they do on a day to day basis.

Being nice to people, fixing things, helping people, being me again. I feel very lucky to be in that position in the role that I do at work. 🙂

Work has been very busy, for the last two weeks, but I’ve caught up after being off, and i’m ticking over nicely with it. It’s all good.

And today, I’m seeing my good friend Siobhan and her husband Robbie who are coming through from Edinburgh for a catch up and some brunch / lunch. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve ditched my ‘hill session’ to spend time with them (no contest) and turned today into a good day catching up with good friends instead. 😉

This week I bought and downloaded Sian Williams’ audiobook, Rise. Where she talks about her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment and how she dealt with it. A journalist and presenter, she recently also studied psychology, and the book also links into how people deal with adversity, is they cope and how they, in some cases thrive.

I bought it because I think I could learn from it and relate to it. Learn to turn bad into good, remember how to rise after adversity. And get a bit of perspective too.

Her descriptions of her disease and treatment and both captivating and in depth, a little hard to listen to (in a good way), but it’s good.

She intersperses her story with the psychology behind how people deal with life and all it throws at you, and in one chapter she talks about how after her mother died of cancer, she’d be find for a bit, then all of a sudden, months or years later, she’d be caught off guard, like she was standing in the shallows of the sea, with her back to the waves, and a wave would hit her from behind. Like she’d collapse into the pebbles, gracing her knees.

I really related to that, and some of the other parts in the book. It’s opened up some thoughts for me about the last year and a bit, and I took some time to deal with them on Thursday, by writing them down and getting them out. A method I’ve used since I was a child, to deal with demons and move on from them. It’s all good, and healthy.

That said, my sleep has been a bit off this week, so I hope to get that back on track next week. But my food has been good, and it felt like a good week.

I’ll run 10-13 miles in Sunday hopefully, then next week I’ll do some running coaching and get back to being active every or most days.

Here’s what I’m planning for next week:

Mon: Gym – spin & deadlift strength
Tue: 45 min run
Wed: AM KB strength (run coaching pm)
Thu: (run coaching pm)
Fri: Squat Strength
Sat: Hills or gym (or rest)
Sun: 70 min run

I’m back coaching this week, Audrey from last year and a new client Lisa who is training for the Stirling Marathon. I look forward to helping Audrey again and getting to know and helping Lisa.

This morning was nice, getting up just before dawn, hearing the birds tweeting as I had my morning coffee. I read a bit, then went and got my haircut (and got a photo of it taken for their website lol).

Now I’m just looking for Spring to come around the corner, the lighter and longer days and the warmer weather fingers crossed. I could do with a(mother?) holiday, but I’ve got no leave left so that’ll need to wait until after April. 😉

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