Wk2 into Wk3

Last week I did 3 runs, 2 gym sessions and had 2 rest days. Work didn’t take over but it did impact on how I was feeling, leading me to feel like I needed more rest than the few weeks before when I’d been off.

One of the runs was on the treadmill because the weather was bad, that was ok as I was careful to take it easy.

Nothing compares to running outside though, even when the weather is a bit rainy … 10 miles on Sunday and I was feeling ok after it / fuelled well throughout the day. I had oats before it, and a caffeine gel about 5 miles in. It was fine until then, then from about 6 miles in it felt like I was floating. 🙂

I started off thinking I had a mountain to climb in expecting to do 10 miles, so in my head I split it into 5×2 miles, which was easier. 4 parks just over an hour and a half. I’ve been experimenting with eating enough for my activity, but not overeating and that’s going fine.

I had a massage at work on the Wednesday, turns out my left glute is sore, and just about everything else is when she gets her hands on me. I was feeling good after it though. Work was busy, the week flew by, and it starts all over again this week.

On the 8th Jan I met a new coaching client who I’m going to help to do her first marathon, the Stirling Marathon on the 21st May. She’s super excited to train for her first marathon and to have me as her coach, and the feeling is mutual. I like working with people who are keen.

Anyway, here’s what I did last week:

Mon: 15 min spin & Deadlift Strength
Tue: 5M Run
Wed: 40 min treadmill (massage)
Thu: Rest
Fri: Squat Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: 95 min run

Sleep has been a bit all over the place and I’m probably feeling the effects of it now. I’ve had a good average, although I’ve had to have a few lie ins to get it.

This next week, I’m back at work and I’ll hopefully fit in a couple of lunchtime sessions. I’m in Edinburgh with work on Thursday so that’ll be a rest day, walking 5 miles to and from the stations/work. It’s nicer running at lunch time as it’s daylight.

Here’s what I’ll do next week:

Mon: 30-40 min easy lunch
Tue: Spin & Deadlift Strength
Wed: 36 min intervals 4×5:1:30
Thu: Rest (Edinburgh)
Fri: Squat Strength & lunch 5k
Sat: 35 mins hills (4) or bike
Sun: 90 min run

Last thing was last week my brother cane across some cute pics of me when I was small. Little surprises are still popping up over a year after my Mum passed away. That was taken on a holiday to Cyprus when I was maybe 2 or 3. Wearing a dress on a very odd occasion and playing with a doll. (I remember not liking dresses, and not having many dolls).

And even when I was running on Sunday, I heard myself say to myself ‘you’re just a little bit broken from it all’… who’d have thought something could have such a big impact on you? 

All the things I did, or forced myself to do, bringing back all those memories and making you question things. It’s certainly had an impact I didn’t think it would, even all this time on. I need to be back being me. All I need to do is a bit of reframing how I’m feeling about what I’ve done, and change the way I’m thinking / talking to myself. 

One thing this pic maybe proves is why I’m rubbish at pool, if I play it like I’m shooting baddies. 😉

I’m hoping 2017 will help make things better. (I maybe won’t cut my own hair like I did then though 😉 ). The photos did make me smile.

I’ve already planned a trip away in Feb and a visit from a friend next weekend. 🙂

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